Mid-Week #Movie – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD




SHIELDOkay, I know Agents of SHIELD is a TV show, not a movie, but it ties very closely into a huge movie franchise (the Avengers series of movies, including Ironman and so many others). And after last night’s episode blew my mind, I knew I had to blog about it.

Now, SHIELD is set in the same universe as the Avengers series of movies, and the team in the show is run by a beloved character from Phase I of the Avengers set, Agent Phil Coulson.

PhilHe’s gathered a group of agents (and one hacker, Skye, just recently officially added to the SHIELD payroll directly as an agent, rather than a “consultant” … long storyline there) together to sort of police the world monitoring “weird” activity now that the presence of aliens has been made known to the world at large after the Battle of New York (Avengers movie).

The season has done a lot to build to the point it’s at now, starting with almost no actual superhero presence save for abilities being chemically added to normal humans to create characters such as Deathlok. However, after the winter break, it started added superheroes, including Lady Sylph from Thor/Thor: The Dark World. One analysis I read of the show said that this progression was deliberate, trying to draw in other audiences who might not watch a “superhero” show, but would watch an action show, then once the fan base was established, pull in those who love the movie franchise. I think they made a good call there and the season’s been getting better and better.

Now, as to how this so closely ties in. As you probably know, Captain America: Winter Soldier came out last Friday and is a monster hit. It features, duh, Captain America as he battles enemies from SHIELD’s rival entity, HYDRA. Now, by the end of the movie (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT), the SHIELD organization is decimated by HYDRA, leaving it scrambling, as HYDRA has infiltrated the organization at every single level, leaving very few true SHIELD members to clean up the mess. Well, last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD showed HYDRA’s reveal from the perspective of Agent Coulson and his team, as they’re nearly shot out of the sky by what they think are their own people.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS ahead if you haven’t seen last night’s episode.  The entire episode left you reeling as you tried to figure out who was HYDRA and who was SHIELD trying to root out members of HYDRA. I mean, one of the heads of SHIELD (Victoria Hand) was directly trying to shoot Coulson down, so she had to be HYDRA, right? Well, as it turns out…not so much. She thought Coulson was HYDRA, though that’s left in the air until the last 10 minutes as to which side she was actually on. I know Hubby and I were waffling on which side she was actually on until literally the moment of the big shocker reveal.

The biggest shocker of the night, beyond the fact that a TV show so clearly reflects actions in a major block-buster movie, was in the final 5 minutes of the show. Given Coulson assembled the team, you’d think they were all above reproach and above-board, right? Well, as it turns out, Agent Grant Ward (the most trusted of Coulson’s gang, Mr. Do-Right, bleeds red-white-and-blue) was an Agent. Of. HYDRA! OMG. He proves this pretty much without a doubt when, in cold blood, while supposedly escorting Agent Garrett (revealed as a major HYDRA agent after several episodes of looking like a good Agent of SHIELD) to the Fridge where he can be locked away for his misdeeds as the series-until-now-badguy The Clairvoyent (another secret that comes out in the episode), he murders Victoria Hand and the SHIELD agents escorting them all.

This leaves Garrett/The Clairvoyent to be settled into The Fridge, which is where SHIELD has been placing the most dangerous of the weapons that Coulson and his people were gathering all season long, right after Victoria and Coulson agree that the Hub and the Fridge were both now safe, since they had people they trusted in charge there (Victoria was to take hold of the Fridge while Coulson held down the Hub). Now…not so much, and Coulson won’t know about it for a while, maybe.

But wow. Grant Ward a villain all along? I dunno, but if he is…WOW! I have my waffling moments, but after he kills Victoria the way he did, I gotta think he might actually be bad. And that’s quite a shocker, after all he’d done, even in last night’s episode up to that point.

I love Agents of SHIELD. It’s a fantastic show and anyone who’s even remotely entertained by the Marvel Universe movies should be a fan of this show. It’s AWESOME!

Okay, so…have you seen Agents of SHIELD yet? If you have, what do you think? More specifically if you’ve seen last night’s episode and/or Captain America: Winter’s Soldier, what do you think about the emergence of HYDRA?





  1. I haven’t seen it yet but after this review, I should. The trailer sounded so much like the Super Friends–animated series from the 70s/80s–that I was going to pass.

    Lady Sif–great backstory when Loki replaced her golden hair with black hair enchanted by dwarves.

    Although they should have never let her usurp the title Goddess of War. That is reserved for Freyja in Norse mythology–she who is nuzzled by boars and cats.

    Great post today!!


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