#Review: The Billion Dollar Bad Boy by Jackie Ashenden

The Billion Dollar Bad Boy (Billionaire’s Club)

Author: Jackie Ashenden
Publisher: St. Martin’s/Griffin
Date of Publication: March 11, 2014

BadBoyThe Billionaire’s Club: a fabulously sexy contemporary series about some of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful men and the women they claim…and keep.

The face of the Morrow company, Donovan Morrow is the ultimate Trojan. But despite his entrepreneurial gifts—in the boardroom and the bedroom—he always comes in second to his big brother, Jax. Until Victoria de Winter, a beautiful and brilliant corporate rival, enters the picture…

Victoria has enjoyed great success in her family’s business—and now that she’s engaged, she seems to have her future all figured out. But as soon as she meets Donovan, she is tormented by their mutual desire…and soon she is his to possess. But what is the price of surrendering to the Billion Dollar Bad Boy?

My Thoughts:

Given I’m so far behind in my reviews, I’m gonna just sum this up pretty quickly. Great book. I loved the interplay between Victoria and Van. Victoria definitely was trying to prove herself and her dad (adopted father) was a real jerk. I liked how she was so focused on proving herself, but when it came down to it, she made the right choice for her and it didn’t feel forced.

Van – Mmm, I love that man. All of the Morrow boys are HOT! I actually read this book 3rd, after I read Sean’s book (review very soon).

Hope I can find some more great Jackie Ashenden books soon.


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