Tory’s Random Ramblings (4/4/14)

Okay peeps, let’s get back to a more normal “random” ramblings today.

The House

Big news since last time. WE CLOSE TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!So help me, if I could make that phrase blink like you used to be able to do in HTML, I would. I’ll suffice by making it bold. Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m bragging. OMG, I’m soooo happy we’re finally going to get the house we’ve been watching be built. The kitchen is amazing, and as soon as I can get in there (they’ve kept it locked so I’ve only been able to look through the windows for the past month), I’ll get pictures.

The fridge was the last thing to go in and, as of yesterday, it was finally in! YAY!

The Headphones

According to hubby, I’ll have them today. Yippy! Sad, but true, I’m that psyched about a headset (see post from a couple days back).


Slightly different topic. As you may/may not be aware, I’m trying to work on my weight problem. I’ve discovered I’m strangely finding walking/jogging enjoyable, something I’ve never enjoyed in the past. However, I also have a history of not sticking with anything. So, to help me motivate myself, I actually signed up to do a 3 mile walk for the American Heart Association. And, to make it even more embarrassing (for me), I’m going to ask for donations from friends and family.

If you’re curious (and let’s face it, in my egotistical little world, everyone’s curious to know everything about me), you can visit this site to see my “tale” about why I’m walking: AHA Walk Jacksonville.

Hope you’ll drop by and see my story (and if you’re feeling really generous – no, I don’t mean you AS, I haven’t sunk that low – feel free to help my cause!).

The Kids

The Shrimp turned eight last weekend and we had a birthday party. There was a cake, pizza, and little boys running around our house. He was thrilled with the party. We did, however, buy waaaaay too much pizza. Hubby went on the assumption that everyone’s kids eat like our kid. And I’ll be honest, Shrimp can put away an entire pizza by himself if we let him (we don’t). So we ordered 9 medium pizzas from Dominos.

We could have made do with 3.

We ate pizza for dinner that night, lunch the next day, and breakfast for a couple of days (in the case of my husband). If I pizza any time in the next few weeks, I will not be a happy camper.

The Shrimpettes loved the balloons and “helped” the Shrimp open some of his cards. I didn’t notice what they were doing until they had already opened them. Ooops. Hehe.

On Writing

On a good note, crit-partner extraordinaire AS liked what she saw of Carved. I’m pleased with that even though I’m not sure I like what I have of Carved. However, I’m clearly biased in the matter as I felt it was unreadable and a mishmash, and she said she liked it better than Locked, and she likes Locked.

I wanna write something else. I wanna go back to my Jordan and Chris (vampires/Dream-Walker War). They’re familiar, comfortable, like old pajamas (“jamas” according to Shrimpette B). And AS does not like Prophecy, says it’s too complicated and too much crammed in in a short space. Hrmph. I may rewrite the whole thing, but I’m still waiting to see if agent lady is interested in repping that series or if it’s forever consigned to the wilds of my Dropbox files.

Ah well, that’s life.


That’s pretty much it for me today. I’m not on my normal comp right now, so no pictures to upload, though I have some from the Shrimp’s b-day party.

Have a great week everyone and feel free to share what your plans are (I’m kicking hubby out for a couple of hours to go watch Captain America: Winter’s Soldier).



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