Tory’s Friday Ramblings (3/21/14)

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a pretty decent week, although once again I’ve been reminded why my husband should never ever be allowed to take days off from work (he’s getting our rental house ready to be shown by the owner who wants to sell it since we’ve handed in our lease notice). It’s EXPENSIVE! He’s had to get paint, a weed-whacker (granted, we needed it for our new house), a ladder (again, something we’ve needed for a long time), and a video game (new MMORPG called Wildstar). Granted, the video game is one he’s been waiting for for like two years, so I can sort of forgive him, it’s just been really expensive this week.

The House

OMG! We have carpets, screens, and glass shower enclosures! I don’t have pictures unfortunately because we’re locked out (that’s good on the one hand, but sucky considering I wanted to photo-document the entire house process). The electricity is on and the a/c is running (according to our future next-door neighbor). The chandelier in the formal dining area is on and it looks purty.

The Kids

Ummm……they’re cute (all three of them)? Hehe – the twins turn 3 tomorrow. I seriously have trouble believing it’s been three years since I relocated the twin bowling balls from tummy to the real world. Here the Shrimpettes are at about 6 or 7 months (maybe even younger than that) followed by pictures of them from this week:

IMG_0007 IMG_0008



20140315_182836 20140315_182832Sammie


Talk about my babies growing up! We’re not doing much for their birthday given they won’t really remember this age anyway and they have enough stuff. I’ve got the makings for a chocolate cake and a candle with a 3 on it.

The Shrimp (aka Garrett) is home on Spring Break this week. He’s really excited about his impending birthday party. At the moment I know of 3 kids that are coming. Hopefully there end up being more than that.

On Writing

Well – I can still say Carved in Stone is moving forward. That’s better than it was. It isn’t going fantabulously, buuuut I’ll take what I can get. I just want to finish Sarah’s book and move on to something/someone else’s story.

On Life

Umm, I don’t have much of a life. Kids, looking forward to the house, and writing. That’s pretty much all I am. Oh, and work. And oddly enough, work and writing crossed paths this week. One of my boss’s clients called her asking for advice on what she needed to do from a legal standpoint (did she need to create an limited liability company to handle the publishing thing, etc). My boss wants no part in that sort of law, so she asked me if I knew of anyone who might be able to advise her client. And of course, my awesome agent Marisa (hehe, I still like saying “my agent”) is a lawyer as well as agent, and I was able to hook my boss up!

Sometimes life is cool.


I’m off to the beginning of my birthday bonanzas! (Shrimpettes this weekend, Shrimp next, hubby the following week – and my mother-in-law was last weekend, but she doesn’t require more than a phone call).

What’s on your schedule for the weekend?



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