#Review – The Bridge by Carol Ericson (#bookreview)

The Bridge (Brody Law #1)

Author: Carol Ericson
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Date of PublBridgeication: March 18, 2014

His past is coming back to haunt him, and only one woman can bring this detective the redemption he needs in Carol Ericson’s new miniseries, Brody Law.

Under the Golden Gate, Elise Duran refused to be a serial killer’s next victim. She was the first of the abducted to survive. And Detective Sean Brody was there to make sure a second chance wouldn’t be necessary.

As the elusive murderer sends them messages, both personal and gruesome, the point becomes clear: no one can escape death. But Sean’s presence can’t be any stronger as he shadows Elise while on the job, proving she couldn’t have asked for a better protector. Though beneath his cool exterior Sean hides a troublesome secret. One that’s absolutely to die.

My Thoughts:

I’m from California originally and I loved day trips down to San Francisco, so I was delighted to see that this book was set in the City by the Bay. Ms. Ericson didn’t disappoint with a thrilling ride from beginning to end.

Elise – she just can’t catch a break, I swear. She narrowly saves herself (and kudos for having a heroine who might’ve gotten kidnapped, but who when push came to shove got herself out of it). The killer of course keeps her firmly in his sights, taunting her non-stop, showing he can get to her, even as he goes on to kill other not-so-fortunate women who don’t manage to save themselves.

Sean – I had to feel bad for the man. He’s determined to live down the image of his father, who’s believed to have been a killer (and a cop to boot), having made it into SFPD, the homicide division. And then the killer in this book targets him, taunting him with little messages, his method of killing eerily similar to the methods used by the killer believed to have been Sean’s father (who was subsequently killed many years earlier).

Sean understandably is very sensitive on the subject of his father and tries to keep the truth of the similarity between the current killings and the old ones quiet, but of course that gets out, as does his relationship to that earlier killer. THat gives Elise some pause, but not for long. The flames flew high and fast between these two and even though they were in pursuit of a killer, I didn’t feel the romance was forced at all, which can be tricky in a category-length romance novel.

I suspect that the Brody Law miniseries¬†will focus on eventually clearing Sean’s father’s name, but I could be wrong on that. Sean of course doesn’t believe his father was capable of the deeds attributed to him, and there’s a lot of evidence which comes to light in the current book to indicate that. However, he’s not cleared, so that’s a lingering plotline that I can’t wait to see more of!

Anyway, check out this book. It’s great for environment – I really felt the San Francisco setting (who can beat the bridges in that city?), and the villain of the book I didn’t see coming. I really enjoy any author that can do that to me!

5 stars!

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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