#Review – Circle of Death by Keri Arthur

Circle of Death (Damask Circle #2)

Author: Keri Arthur
Publisher: Dell
Date of Publication: February 25, 2014 (republished)

DeathIn one vicious night, Kirby Brown’s world is torn apart. Her best friend is dead, killed by a madman who is now after Kirby, and she has no idea why. When the police prove incapable of protecting Kirby, she has no choice but to trust a mysterious stranger. And while she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, she fears the strange abilities he wields.

An investigator for the Damask Circle, Doyle Fitzgerald, has come to Melbourne, Australia, to hunt down a killer. What he doesn’t expect to find is a cadre of witches capable of controlling the elements, a sorceress determined to take that power for herself, and a broken woman who is more than she seems. Doyle is certain that the reason behind the bloodshed lies in Kirby’s past—a past she has no wish to remember. Because Doyle isn’t the only one with magic in his soul: Kirby’s special gifts have the strength to destroy the world.

My Thoughts:

 When I started this series, I fully expected it to be very similar to the one that proceeded it (Nikki & Michael) because it featured the Damask Circle again. However, I couldn’t have been more delightfully wrong. This series has new hero/heroines in each book and the plots are very different. While there are connections (through the Damask Circle), those connections are tenuous at most and that opens the series up to go in whatever direction Ms. Arthur wants to take it (or rather wanted to take it since this is a republished series).

Kirby came home to find her long-time best friend and said friend’s significant other brutally murdered. She’s looked at as a potential suspect but also as a potential future victim (assuming she’s not the killer in the first place), but when the police take her to what should be protective housing, one of the cops on duty turns out to be far more than he seemed and only thanks to gut instinct on her part does Kirby escape yet again the gruesome fate in front of her.

Doyle has been sent by the Circle to investigate a series of murders forseen by their seers. They came up with a list of names. Kirby wasn’t originally on that list, but they quickly come to realize that she’s at the very center of the mess he’s investigating.

I have to say I really didn’t know where this book was going to end up, nor many of the secrets that ended up coming to light. I thoroughly enjoyed that fact. I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Man, oh man, was there a ride here. The relationship between Kirby and Doyle was rocky from the get-go, though as time passed and they hunted for her friend’s killer, they of course grew closer to one another.

I enjoyed the fact that while there was a vampire (Doyle’s fellow Circle investigator), vampires themselves didn’t play a huge role in this book. It makes a nice break from the vampires that have featured so prominent in other works by Ms. Arthur. Doyle is a were and Kirby is a witch (much stronger than she knew up until the beginning of the book).

This is a fantastic book that stands alone, though it does clearly belong in the Damask Circle series. I’m glad I read it and need to get to the third book in the series soon. 4.5 stars!

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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