Tory’s Random Ramblings (3/14/14)

Happy Friday everyone! It’s cold yet again down here in sunny Florida, with lows in the mid-30’s. Although it’s warming again and I think we’re due for somewhere around 70 today. Ahhh, lovely weather here. Not that I’m bragging or anything. Hope you had a fantastic week!

Hmmm, yes, I am in a good mood and I’m not entirely sure why. Nothing too spectacular’s happened. However, I’ll take my jollies where I can get them. On to the regularly scheduled babbles.

The House

We have a full lawn, bushes, trees, and APPLIANCES! Yes, folks, the appliances are now in. I don’t have pictures since it’s hard to get into the house now that they lock the doors.

Best of all, we’ve got a potential closing date now! Yup, in theory, we will be closing on the house on 4/29. Of course, that assumes that the 4/18 quality control check/inspection is passed. Yeeks. Stressful.

Why would that be stressful, the QC? Because we’ve given notice to our landlord. Have to give the guy at least 60 days notice and we did, for May 16. There’s a little bit of time added in to make things go well, but not much. Still, everything on the home front’s going very well lately. I’m happy about that, that’s for sure.

One side, related, note though. Our credit scores have gone WAY up since we started this process. If nothing else, the house buying process (and the home buyer’s club of DR Horton) have really helped us repair our financial profiles. YAY for us.

The Younglings

We are making slow progress on the potty-training front, but it is progress. The other day, Pixie (dark-haired twin) said “Mommy, potty.” And even though I usually ignore her (the girls just love to tell me that and then sit on the potty seat for like 10 minutes playing – not peeing, just playing), I didn’t that time and took her. To my extreme pleasure, she plopped down and promptly peed! Woot.

According to the daycare, Blondie can literally go allllll morning and up through naptime without any accidents in her diaper. She just doesn’t pee. At all. They take her to the bathroom and she plays. That’s it. ARGH! Stubborn child.

The Shrimp is turning 8 this month. Hubby and I decided to give him what he’s been begging for – a birthday party. We’re not doing anything ridiculous or over-the-top like his friends (we’ve gone to parties with a bounce house and at various kids playcenters). Just pizza, cake, and an open invitation to bring Pokemon cards. Still, hopefully it will go well. I want him to have a good birthday. I’m getting a Skylanders cake for him.

Unfortunately, I have not been taking many pictures lately. However, I’ve got one from last Saturday when we went to McDonalds. Heh.

2014-03-08 12.00.34

See? Cute little girls. And yes, I know. Blondie needs a haircut. It’s pretty bad when she has to tilt her head back to peer under her bangs. It’s cute though. We’re working on it. Hopefully this weekend.

On Writing

Umm, I made a wee bit of progress this week? I’m almost to 30k in the Draft From Hell of the book I hate at the moment. I always knew Sarah’s story would be problematic. I never had a good feel for who she was, the way I did for Rory and Rose. Ah well. I’ll shove forward and hopefully come up with something decent after a few more drafts.

Hubby’s been getting on me for not writing like I should. Nice to have the guy nagging me. Doesn’t help, but it feels good that he’s that supportive. Now I just need to not play Final Fantasy and I might get more done. Hrmph.

In Conclusion

Not a lot going on right now. A whole lot of sitting around and waiting. I joined the YMCA in my work-place’s building. Yay on that. I like the treadmill (seriously – I do) and I like the glow (weird sounding as that may be) that I feel for hours after a good walk on the treadmill.

Talk at you later! But before you go, share what your plans are for the weekend!


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