Mid-Week #Movie – Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Once again, better late than never (sadly, most of this was actually written on Wednesday, I just never got around to finishing it). While Hunger Games: Catching Fire isn’t a movie I just saw (I saw it back in December I believe), it is coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray this Friday, hence my decision to use it to write about for my weekly movie discussion. In case you haven’t figured it out, I love sci-fi/futuristic/dystopian movies. Such a geek, I know.

This movie is based on the second book in Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games trilogy. In my opinion, this book was the best of the three by FAR. There was just so much material and for me that’s where I felt the lack in the movie. There was an entire subplot dealing with District 13 that pretty much got swept under the rug because (I assume) you can only get so much in a movie and this movie already ran long. The movie does talk briefly about District 13, but some characters Katniss meets before she goes to the 75th Annual Hunger Games (and then runs into one of them in one of the creepier scenes that slams home how horrible the government really is while at the Capital for the Games) are completely eliminated from here and only because I remembered the plot from the book did one of the scenery characters (characters who are there, but have no lines and just stand in the background) during a meal catch my attention.

Katniss has to make some pretty messed up choices in this book. To survive after her (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT) triumph in the 74th Hunger Games, she has to play up the apparent relationship she and Peeta forged during the Games which means sacrificing, which of course screws with the other romance she has, with District 12 citizen Gale. President Snow makes it very clear he knows she’s faking the Peeta relationship and so she has to be even more careful. As she goes on the Celebration Tour after the games, she’s witness to the outlying Districts growing restless under the control of the government.

And then comes the 75th Hunger Games, the 3rd so-called Reaping where only former winners are thrown into the Games. Katniss, being the only living female Tribute is of course one of District 12’s competitors and heads back to the Capital. I loved the presentation of her wedding dress/bird dress designed by Cinna. And of course the Games themselves…wow. Tension filled and full of lots of “OMG, which side is X and/or Y on again? GAAAH, I can’t remember the book!” moments.

It’s tragic about Phillip Seymour Hoffman because I loved him as Gamemaster Petrarch. Thankfully he didn’t have much left to film so something can be done to finish out his role.

So – have you seen Catching Fire yet? Have you read the book? Do you intend to see/read it if you haven’t? Talk to me!



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