Just a Quick Post

No worries, people. I haven’t died or fallen off the earth. Just fallen into a slump. Heck, I’m reading up a storm but I can barely get myself to stir enough to bother to mark books down on Goodreads and given my determination to beat my self-set goal of reading 200 books by at least 50 books (i’m somewhere around 18-20 books ahead of the necessary pace to read 200 this year), that’s saying something.

I do have house updates and all that good stuff, but I won’t bother you with it now. Reviews, movie discussions, and the like will resume, hopefully this week. I just need to remotivate myself.

Oh, and some of you may have been following me on my old WordPress blog and thought I’d vanished from the ether. I found out how to get JetPack to transfer you to my new blog through my self-hosted site, so now you’re back in the loop. Hope you’ll check things out and get caught up on what I’ve been doing!

Sorry if you were worried about me!


PS: My house has cabinets now! (No counters as of Saturday though, so we’re not in the final count-down to closing yet, dang it).


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