Mid-Week #Movie – Thor: The Dark World

Thor PosterLast night, with this post hanging over my head, I made the supreme sacrifice for all of you lovely people. I forced myself to watch Thor: The Dark World. Oh…the horrors, the torture…forced myself to oog…er, sneer at the muscle-bound blond gorg…er, spectre of nightmarish proportions that is Chris Hemsworth, and mock the sleek, slender bea…scrawny black haired …

Damn. I can’t even get that full paragraph out before I roll my eyes at myself. Yes, I admit it, I love Thor. I love the Marvel movies. I AM a geek! Proudly. And daaayum, I liked me some Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (Thor and Loki respectively). I mean, c’mon, what’s not to like about them? In case you haven’t seen the trailers/commercials (and how many can honestly say they’ve never seen these two beautiful men), and because I like to have drool-worthy pictures on my blog, I present Thor and Loki.

Loki Thor






Now, I’ll be up front and honest with you (now). I didn’t really care too much either way when I saw the first Thor movie. I didn’t think Chris Hemsworth was much to look at either. Big, blond, big whoop. It wasn’t until I caught it on regular TV and happened to glance up at the right time to see him saunter across the screen without a shirt on that I might have finally caught on to why women appreciate him.

Still, when all things are considered, I’m still more of a Loki girl. I mean, c’mon. He gets the best one-liners (gets punched by Natalie Portman, smirks, and comments, “I like her.”), he’s a magic-user, and quite a bit of the bad boy/evil. I think the jury’s really out on whether Loki’s truly evil. I guess it depends on just what happened to Odin (watch the end of The Dark World to see what I mean). Hopefully they’ll have a third Thor movie and explain that one.

Okay, let’s get on to the movie itself. It picks up some point after the events of The Avengers and Thor’s been busy cleaning up the mess made in the Nine Realms, presumably by Loki before he was captured. Loki’s brought before Odin and thrown in the dungeons for life for his crimes against his people. Back on Earth, things are getting a bit weird (it’s in conjunction with a 5000-year cycle, at the end of which all nine realms align in some big convergence…very cool visually when they show it) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) manages to get infected with this Aether stuff that the bad guys want, bad guys thought to have been destroyed 5000 years ago by Odin’s father.

The Dark Elves (bad guys) sense Jane has the Aether and come after her (she’s been taken to Thor’s homeworld…I loved her reaction to the trip through the Einstein-Rosen bridge “Can we do that again?”). There’s a huge battle sequence and tragedy follows. I loved when the Dark Elf Hulk is freeing everyone in the dungeons, stops at Loki’s cell, and then continues on without freeing Loki.

Thor and Loki team up in a momentary alliance due to their shared sorrow over the loss of someone important to them both and they flee the world with Jane, hoping to draw the Dark Elves away from the city. It works of course and there is another battle.

Lots of things blow up. Loki is awesome in that you can never be entirely sure who’s side he’s going to be on or appear to be on. In the end, I think Loki’s just out for Loki and if his goals happen to coincide with Thor’s, yay. If not, oh well.

I thought the growing romance between Jane and Thor was nicely handled, especially with the continually interrupted kiss moments throughout.

Hubby (who saw it when it was in the theatre) recognized one of Thor’s cronies as played by Zachary Levi (Chuck). I didn’t believe it was possible, because the guy was slender, graceful and, well, blond. And then in the credits, wow. It really was him.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters in this movie, Jane’s intern Darcy, Darcy’s intern (who’s name I don’t remember), and Dr. Erik Selvig, who figures out how to deal with the whole 9-realm convergence thing. While Darcy isn’t absolutely required for the plot, I enjoyed her character as part of the overall experience.

So – have you seen Thor: The Dark World yet? If so, what’d you think? If not…go watch it! It’s a great movie. And it has Loki! Yum yum.

PS: Did you know the actor who plays Dr. Erik is the biological father of the man who plays Viking Erik on True Blood (HBO vampire series)? Don’t believe me? Look it up on IMDB! Viking Erik also auditioned for the part of Thor back in the day. I think Hemsworth was the better choice. It’s all about the muscles baby.




  1. It’s all about the muscles–hee!

    Well, I did mock the scrawny, black-haired (if you’re talking about the heroine) and still do. Otherwise, I loved the first Thor.

    Looking forward to the second one, I think–was hoping there would be a new heroine.


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