Mid-Week #Movie – Man with the Iron Fists

Better late than never, right? At least that’s the theory I’m operating on. It’s still mid-week, and even still Wednesday. The movie I want to talk about is one I saw last night, Man with the Iron Fists.

First, the cast. It has a pretty great cast actually, which really isn’t a surprise when it comes to movies by Quentin Tarantino. You have Russell Crowe playing Jack Knife (yes, that’s his name…I thought they were inferring he was Jack the Ripper on the run in China because of his first appearance on camera, but not so much). Rapper/singer RZA was the title character (I’ve never heard of him before so I have no clue about his music). Lucy Liu was the madam of a brothel, WWE wrestler David Bautista was Brass Body, and Rick Yune (best known to me from The Fast & Furious as Johnny Tran, and more recently Olympus Has Fallen).

Second, the story. Very typical Quentin fare. Very gory at least in the opening, and then of course in the climactic final battle scene with the Black Widow prostitutes (very cool, I have to say) and the Silver Lion’s soldiers. I almost stopped watching because of the (yes admittedly cartoon/anime-esque) blood and guts spewing everywhere, but I stuck with it. I refused to chicken out. The plot was a bit convoluted, but Silver Lion killed the leader of the Lion clan (Golden Lion) in an effort to hijack a shipment of gold being sent through the local village. The Blacksmith is engaged by pretty much everyone to make their weapons, and he rescues Golden Lion’s son in a near-lethal battle with Brass Body. Later, for his interference, let’s just say events lead to his gaining the name the Man with the Iron Fists.

Russell Crowe was great as Jack, with a pretty cool knife/gun combination, and he actually uses the twisted line, “I always bring a gun to a knife fight.” Heh – okay, I found it amusing when he spits it out. His character was interesting as you tried to figure out just who’s side he was on and what he was doing in the small town.

Lucy Liu was awesome as the brothel madam. I wasn’t sure until the very end just who’s side she might come down on and of course it wasn’t where I thought of her going. More fool me.

Pretty true to Quentin’s style, and I say this with absolutely no spoiling in mind…lots of people die. A lot of a people die. In a variety of gruesome and sometimes amusing ways.

Conclusion – I can’t say I’ll watch it again because I generally don’t watch Tarantino movies a second time (Kill Bill is sort of an exception, though I can honestly say I never wanted to see Kill Bill 2 more than the one time), but with that in mind I can honestly say it’s a decent enough movie. Just not my general cup of tea. Enjoyable though – I didn’t even read too much while it was on, and for me that’s saying something.

So – have you seen Man with the Iron Fists? What did you think of it if you have? Comment below, pretty please, and let me know!

Happy mid-week everyone. Only two days to go!


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