Tory’s Friday Ramblings (2/14/14)

In honor of V-Day, I shall write this post in pink. ::shudder:: There, aren’t I nice?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. To me, V-Day will always have a special place because hubby and I met (online) and chatted for the first time the day before V-Day (11 years ago). I was grumbling about the day, and he sent me a card “from a hopeless romantic to a cynical romantic” just ’cause. 

The House

I know you’re itching to see the progress as much as I’m itching to show it to you, so I shan’t delay. Hehehe. A ton has happened this past week.

Here’s what they’d done as of Friday afternoon (hung drywall):

2014-02-07 15.47.40 2014-02-07 15.46.22 2014-02-07 15.47.16 2014-02-07 15.47.26

As of Tuesday, they’d finally covered the steel mesh on the outside and added pieces of trim along with sealing up some of the cracks in the drywall in preparation for texturing and painting:

2014-02-11 18.01.47 2014-02-11 18.00.04

And as of last night, they’d added the texturing to walls and ceiling:

2014-02-13 18.16.45  2014-02-13 18.15.47

So – I’m totally psyched with the progress!

On Writing

I may finally have broken through my block, at least temporarily, by throwing a third character into the mix. Unfortunately, that does not speak well to my hero because this woman immediately takes over the scene she comes into. I keep having these very passive men. I think the problem is I know they’re not leaders (the two I’ve written about thus far in my gargoyle series) and so they somehow lose all their manliness in trying to let them just hang back and not be in charge. 

Unfortunately, that does not do good things for the love thing. I’ll have to fix it. Important thing is just to keep writing at this point since it seems I finally found a way to partially move forward.

Baking Triumph

I made a turtle cheesecake this week. It was good. That’s all. (If you want the recipe, lemme know – it’s luscious.)

2014-02-12 05.45.09

First Coast Romance Writers

I got to meet romance author Suzanne Brockmann last week. She’s hilarious to listen to and very friendly. I also won an autographed copy of her new book, Do or Die, in a giveaway one of my chaptermates did. Woot!

Check me out with Ms. Brockmann.

2014-02-08 12.21.57-1


So – that’s pretty much if for me this week. Not really much going on in my world (still sitting on some news about Locked in Stone and it’s driving me NUTS – I’m sure you can guess).

Got any plans for the weekend?



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