Tory’s Random Rambling’s (2/7/14)

Happy Friday everyone. I’ll try to lighten things up after yesterday’s rather blah, pity-me post.

It’s my tenth wedding anniversary today. Hubby and I are both taking the afternoon off and going to a movie to celebrate. We can’t go very often because of the whole we have a pile of kids and no babysitter thing. Just ’cause he’s uber-cute, I’ll share this picture from us on a cruise:


The House

Lot’s going on, but I can’t get into the house to get pictures. The workers have kept being there when I get home from work before the sun goes down. So, I’ll have to get in on Saturday or Sunday for pictures. Supposedly they’re hanging the drywall right now, and there’s stuff been dumped in the front yard that apparently is part of the stuccoing process.

On Being Agented

Have I mentioned how cool this is? I can actually say “My agent said…” and then impart whatever awesomeness she may have given to me. She’s going to look at my Dream-Walker War books and hopefully she’ll see something in them worth salvaging, though I’ll probably keep Blood Rage under the mattress. It’s just too different from the other two, not to mention not in my voice as I now can hear it. It was just written by me in a very different time/place mentally, and I wouldn’t trade it (or the beautiful cover which I no longer have the rights to ::sigh::) for anything in the world. I will always have a special place in my heart for Rage because (1) it’s the first book that I got published; (2) first book I submitted to Marisa and she liked enough to request the full of; and (3) I still love Anthony, even if he is a pompous ass (as Dara would say).

Super Bowl

So – did you watch it? I did and was thoroughly disappointed by how the Broncos did. I swear, they forgot to show up for the game. I was also rather disappointed in the majority of the commercials this year. They just didn’t have the same ooomph as in prior years. There were some exceptions (Tebow commercial even though I’m not a Tebow fan, the Jaguar commercial with Tom Hiddleston, and a handful of others), but by and large a very tepid set of offerings.

And then there was the half-time show. Oy. First, I would like to apologize if my FB comment about Bruno Mars in any way offended people. I was stunned when I found out he wasn’t white. This wasn’t because I cared about his skin color, he just had the very whiny, nasaly voice that I have heretofore only associated with white singers. I also apparently didn’t realize that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were not the group that Fergie came from. No, my husband pointed out, that would be the Black-Eyed Peas.

I didn’t have a good Super Bowl as far as name recognition it seems. Hehe.

On Writing

I swear to God, I’m going to beat my gargoyles into submission. At least Sarah and Tom. They are not cooperating and talking to me. Oh sure, I’ve got Madra starting to hint she’d like her story out there, and Rory’s still waiting patiently for her chance with Lucas…but nooooo. Sarah needs to come next and she just doesn’t cooperate. I’m going to have to skip over the part I’m having trouble with and come back to it. For a change it has absolutely nothing to do with sex. I think that’s a first. Normally if I’m going to get stuck and going to skip over something until I’m done with the draft, it’s a sex scene.

In Conclusion

I shall keep moving forward. Onward and upward, right? Attaaaack! Erm, yeah, anyway, got any fun plans this weekend? I’m heading to see Suzanne Brockman, who’s giving a lecture at the RWA chapter meeting tomorrow!


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