Mid-Week Movie – #StarWars: Revenge of the Sith

SithHi, my name is Tory, and I am a Star Wars addict. I feel no guilt over it, nor do I regret loving the prequel trilogy (well, okay, I love Episode 3, tolerate Episode 2 if you cut out some of the bad writing/acting for the love story part of it, and like Episode 1 if I squint and pretend Jar Jar is…well, not Jar Jar).

This discussion will contain spoilers, but if you’re reading this, I dearly hope you’ve actually seen the movie, considering it’s been out approximately 10 years or at least know the story by now.

This week’s mid-week movie discussion is on Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, my favorite movie of the six (hubby disagrees, placing it second on the list, behind Empire Strikes Back, but he’s delusional – heh).

First, I will acknowledge the movie’s shortcomings: the dialogue/bad acting in places. I’m not going to deny Hayden Christopher’s wooden in places (crashing the ship onto Coruscant, “We’re coming in too hot”) and Natalie Portman is way abused with her dialogue (wistfully thinking of Naboo, wanting to go back there and just be in love…blech).

That does not, however, mean it was a bad movie. The special effects were phenomenal and I would dearly love to see this movie in 3-D, especially the opening space battle sequence as Anakin and Obi Wan try to get to Chancellor Palpatine to rescue him.

Unlike many people I’ve talked to, I believe this movie adequately explains Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side. He was bonkers about Padme, which is all well and good (and I wish there’d been better acting involved to show that love), and he went evil believing it was the only way to save her life (thanks to some heavy-duty emotional manipulation from Palpatine). He was driven by dreams of her death, just as he’d been haunted by dreams of his mother in Attack of the Clones, and he didn’t want to fail Padme the way he’d failed his mother. He saw Palpatine as his best chance of saving her life, and by that time it was pretty clear he would do anything to keep her from dying. I mean c’mon, what’s not to admire about a man willing to put his wife’s life above all else.

Never mind he almost kills her later on…he was pretty screwed up by then, thanks to his actions at the Jedi Temple.

I have two favorite scenes (outside the opening battle): the attack on the Jedi Temple/fall of the Jedi and the climactic duel between Anakin and Obi Wan with it’s gorgeous backgrounds on Mustafar. The turning of the clones on the Jedi, accompanied by John Williams’ heart-rending music was beautifully done (no one should ever underestimate the importance of a movie score). The lightsaber battle with the lava waterfalls and explosions all around them just stirred my blood in a way very few movies do.

The only truly sour note in the movie for me was right at the end, when we finally see Anakin placed in the Darth Vader suit. Powerful moment as he realizes what he’s become and that Padme is dead (he believes at his hand). The world trembles around him as his Force powers threaten to slip from control and he rises to face the world.

And then the scream. The Vader scream. Look it up on YouTube or something.

::sigh:: It could have been such a great conclusion, but…it was pathetic. Vader standing, arms waving about, screaming “Nooooo.” A travesty.

Okay, so, are you a Star Wars fan? Share your thoughts on Revenge of the Sith or the series as a whole. I’m not picky! Just talk to me!

Have a great day!




  1. you wrote this post for me, I know. The acting was terrible, the score and effects brilliant. Do ya know, I wrote the first script for episode 6–alas, it wasn’t considered–but it would have had better dialogue. Was there something in the movie direction that forbade voice inflection? (Oh, wait–Portman does have a nasal, monotone voice.) Ian McDiamid was the only actor who gave his character the gravitas this movie deserved.

    That said, I’m with your husband. I came out of the theater after Empire Strikes Back in a daze. Brilliant, absolutely _____ brilliant. And Return of the Jedi? a primer on how to take a perfect villain and make him into the perfect anti-hero—so you can make three more movies (and billions) about him.

    I hope you review more sci-fi movies.


    • Lol! I never saw the original three in the theaters. I was like 8 when the last cane out. Also, for me, Empire is my last favorite of the six.

      I disagree that Palpatine was they only one who showed inflection though. Ewan was great and the scene just before Anakin turns to the Dark Side (the eerie music and lost, contemplative expression) were great for me in showing a man on the brink of a precipice from which there could be no turning back.


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