Mid-Week #Movie – Mortal Instruments: City of Bone

MICOBHusband and I saw this this weekend and I really found it enjoyable. I remember when it came out, people who’ve read the books found it flat and disappointing. Having not read the books (though I’ve read part of the prequel Clockwork series), I could just watch it for sheer enjoyment and I did just that. I really liked the movie and Josh did too. He only initially wanted to watch it because he knew I did, but then ended up asking me to try to find the book on CD so he could listen/read it. I’m on a waiting list at the library to read it m’self.

I apologize in advance if anything I say seems to be spoilerish.

Okay, visually, I found a lot to like in this movie. I liked The Institute, especially the first shot when Clary can see it and Simon can’t, and the camera goes from the dull, broken-down image to Clary’s clear-cut view. The invasion of the bat/demon things at the end was great, as was when Hodge goes down fighting the swarm of demons.

It’s hard to find a movie in which Lena Heady (Mom in this case, but well known for being Sarah Connor in the Sarah Connor Chronicles and the queen from 300) does badly. Unfortunately (in my opinion) she was largely wasted and had little presence in this movie.

Some of the characters did come across a bit flat for me, but I attribute that primarily to the fact that they presumably had to cut enormous bits of the text out in the transition to the screen and because of that, some of the character development ended up being cut as well. That’s not unusual in movies, IMO.

I liked the vampires being truly evil and their use of Simon to try to get Clary. The world imagined by Ms. Clare is a dark one (if you’re aware of the paranormal elements – otherwise, it’s pretty much business as usual).

So – have you seen MI: City of Bones? Have you read any of the books by Ms. Clare set in this world? Leave a comment and let’s talk!



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