Friday Random Ramblings (1/24/14)

Howdy everyone. Happy Friday to you! I know I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. Woot! I was supposed to go on a Cub Scout camp-out this weekend to Fort Clinch, but it was cancelled due to extreme (for Florida) cold (the high’s not supposed to even get to 50, the low in the 20s tomorrow morning). So, yeah, I’m sad. I like the campouts. Not because I like sleeping on the ground or being close to nature, oh no. I like it ’cause it’s like a mini-vacation for me. No girls sitting on my lap or having meltdowns because I told them “Get out of the closet!” or “stop sitting on your sister!” But I still miss them when I’m away from them. They’re definitely getting better though. I very rarely have to break them up from biting one another any more.

So, as you may have noticed, I’m trying some new things here on the blog. Yes, we’ll still have oodles of reviews (I gotta have something to post about and my real life just really isn’t that exciting), but I’m trying a couple of weekly things. Obviously the Random Ramblings will continue at the very least on Fridays, though occasionally I’ll throw them in at other points just to keep things random. But I’ve added the Mid-Week Movie thing. Feel free to suggest movies you’d like to talk about in future weeks.

On Family

Hubby got awesome points because he told me to take a bath. Just random, out of the blue, why don’t I go…Normally it’s a Friday or Saturday only thing (because who has time during the week?), but he suggested it ’cause he knew I liked doing it when it was cold.

And then he promptly lost them by indicating there would be nothing special done/out of the ordinary for our tenth anniversary (ten freakin’ years married, OMG I’m still amazed we’ve made it this long). Okay, I admit – it’s next to impossible for us to go out since we have no babysitters, but still. NO plans?! Granted, I didn’t really have anything planned either, but hrmph. Hopefully I’ll still get flowers. He usually sends them to me once or twice a year, and the anniversary would be a great time.

Shrimpettes are adorable. The other day they spent like a half hour at the table after dinner, just sitting there with their juice and giggling. Best we (I) can tell, they were making faces at each other, which prompted the cascades of laughter. They started giggling on the car ride home last night and I think I caught Jackie making one of the looks that makes Sam go off. It’s sort of a cross between the stink-eye look and rolling her eyes. It was HILARIOUS! Impossible to accurately describe either.

The Shrimp…yikes. His spelling needs help. He’s not doing well on spelling tests.

The House

We’ve gotten to a point in the building process where it’s hard to see any progress because the exterior’s up and you can’t really see inside any more. However, I wandered in there last weekend and we have duct work. And tubs! Check it out!

2014-01-18 17.08.31 2014-01-18 17.09.17 2014-01-18 17.09.45 2014-01-18 17.09.53 2014-01-18 17.09.58 2014-01-18 17.10.35

Oh yeah, we have some doors in the house too. Not necessarily attached to anything, but they’re there! And actual windows in the window frames! Wow!

On Writing

Um. I think I write. Maybe a little. I’m procrastinating, though I’m going to probably try to re-snowflake Carved in Stone since I need to make it shorter than originally planned (the first draft landed at 65k with the intention of rewriting and building it up to 90k). Strangely enough, 65-70k is where I want it to land now. But it has to have some structural rebuilding, and let’s face it. The first draft was awful. The second is about 19k, and has some very nice high points to it.

And then there are all the other ideas that are starting populate my head and distract me from the gargoyles…..Gr. But who knows what I’ll do next.

In Conclusion

That’s pretty much it for me this week. Got any plans for this weekend?



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