Mid-Week Movie – Riddick

Welcome to the inaugural post for the blog’s new feature – Mid-Week Movie! The plan for this feature is to take a movie I’ve seen (or heard about maybe) and discuss it, hopefully sparking conversations with you guys on the movie itself. I like movies almost as much as I like books…okay, nowhere near as much, but I like them a lot just the same!

So to start the process off right, I wanted to talk about Riddick, the 3rd movie in the Chronicles of Riddick series.

Ahhh, isn’t Vin Diesel pretty? Okay, yeah, it had to be said. He is. Not necessarily this generation’s Lawrence Olivier, but he’s awfully nice to look at. And he’s got a great voice.

Moving on before I drool too much…

According to the Wikipedia article (because it’s not made clear in the movie itself), Riddick takes place 5 years after Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick’s having to deal with the effects of having taken over the Necromongers at the end of the last movie. Apparently not everyone’s very happy about his leading them and he decides to allow Vaako to take over in exchange for a ship and Vaako’s coordinates for Furya (Vaako admitted to having been there when Furya was destroyed). This leads him to a planet, Vaako’s subordinate having double-crossed him/his orders, inhabited by nasty scorpion-like creatures who need to be wet at all times that Riddick needs to escape from.

In some ways, this was very similar to Pitch Black, in that Riddick is stuck on a planet with an impending destructive phase heading for him and those on the planet needing to escape (bat-like creatures who only come out when it’s dark in PB and the scorpion creatures who can only move around during a huge rain storm). I actually liked that feature of the movie because the story overall was much simpler and cleaner than with all the intermixing of the Necromonger faith and the invasion. The Necromonger storyline was largely left out of this one, though the end of the movie seems to make it pretty clear it will be picked up if/when the 4th movie comes out (Vaako has “transcended” and we’re left to wonder what exactly that means for the universe/underverse as a whole).

There were plenty of laugh-worthy moments (in a good way), and Riddick’s little pet (a jackal-like creature he picks up early on) is adorable. It really sort of humanized Riddick, though his reasons for having the pet were not so nice in the beginning. I think, though, he really bonded with the puppy and, SPOILER ALERT well, let’s just say the old belief that the dog never dies (think Independence Day, Dante’s Peak, etc.) is sadly not true. But it was handled well.

So – who out there has seen Riddick? Did you like it/hate it? Are you looking forward to the 4th movie (I am whenever that happens!!)? Chime in in comments below and let me know what you thought.

Happy Wednesday everyone.



  1. Watched Riddick and will watch it again–not a strong storyline but character-driven all the way. Did I miss something? Vaako transcended? Or will transcend?

    Personally, the necromonger storyline for me is quite good–fresh and creative. Worldbuilding at its finest.

    nasty scorpion-like creatures who need to be wet at all times — funny!


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