Tory’s Random Ramblings – Flowers in the Attic


It’s odd, but I was thinking about this book just a few days ago. I’d seen the 1987 version pop up several times in the past week but didn’t think anything of it. I watched part of that version and got the heebie jeebies at the scene where John’s digging the four graves, and then filling in one of them after Cory dies. I don’t wig out over much in books or movies, but that scene just gave me the chills, and not even in a good sort of chills way.

Anyway, I found out why the original movie had been playing (at least I assume why). Lifetime released a new version of the movie and I watched it last night. OMG, it was sooooo much better than the Louise Fletcher/Victoria Tennet version. I haven’t read the book since the early 90’s, but I clearly remember it and they got so many scenes just practically word-for-word as I remember them.

I’ve seen one commentary saying the movie fell flat, but I have to say it didn’t really fall that flat for me. It rang so true to the book I remember. Mama was so much more angelic/evil and twisted in this version, and really embodied Corrine from the books. Cory/Carrie…meh. They sort of disappeared, but let’s face it. They squeezed a fairly long book into 90 minutes (taking out commercial time). A lot had to be cut, and unfortunately the twins were largely expendable.

I definitely hope Lifetime goes ahead with the rumored possibility of doing Petals on the Wind. I’d watch that in a heartbeat.

What about you? Are there any books turned into movies that you were particularly impressed by? Alternatively, any that you were more disappointed than normal with how it transferred onto the screen?

PS: Yes, I’m avoiding writing. I’m completely locked up and getting very frustrated with it, but every time I start to write…everything freezes up. Hate this, hate this, hate this.



  1. I am so disgusted. After making the movie twice, they still can;t find an actress to play Corrine. I had high hopes for Heather Graham and really thought this would be great. It just wasn’t.

    Flowers In The Attic was the very first novel I ever read. When I was a very young girl, (elementary age), my aunt was a librarian and I watched her book piles grow larger and larger, with V.C. Andrews and Stephen King being her favorites. After making the mistake of opening a Stephen King book at such an early age, I turned my attention to something less graphic than his werewolves and opened Flowers. Of course, I wasn’t supposed to be reading those books, but adults get busy and as children, we can slip off somewhere with a book and read bits of it without getting caught. I was hooked! I didn’t understand a lot of the subject matter, but I knew these children had been locked away by their own selfish mother (just as much as by the Grandmother who held the key) and it struck a chord with me. Over the years, I collected every book I could get my hands on and she’s always been my favorite author. I’d love to see all of the books made into movies but ONLY if they can figure out how to uphold the integrity of V.C. and the greatness her books deserve.

    I’ve watched Rain and I wasn’t impressed.

    Both movies felt ‘low-budget’ and I truly believe they could’ve been blockbusters. Instead, they were given little time, little budget and no more than a read-through by people who didn’t feel a thing when they read the book or script. To me, that is worse than leaving the books alone and not making a book-to-movie adaptation.

    (Just my thoughts.)


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