#Review: Devil in Paradise

Devil in Paradise

Author: Susan Kearney
Publisher: Belle Books/Bell Bridge Books
Date of Publication: January 13, 2014

DevilAri Dillon is not your ordinary hero. He’s willing to lie, deceive, and hijack a private jet—all in the name of his cause. So if abducting billionaire Samantha Bessinger is the only way Ari can get her alone, he’ll do it.

Real estate mogul Samantha has never met anyone like Ari. He’s charming, ruthless, and almost irresistible. Yet when he crash-lands her jet onto a deserted Caribbean island and reveals his shapeshifting secrets, she can’t deny he’s one of a kind.

But just because he shows her things she never knew were possible, doesn’t prove they are soul mates as he claims. While Samantha didn’t become a success by being a pushover, is she enough of a match for the devil in paradise?

My Thoughts:

I have to say, overall, this wasn’t a bad book, it was just too short really to be a great book. As you know, I’m a big Susan Kearney fan, but this one just didn’t catch me the way her other books do.

Samantha – good, strong heroine. Even after Ari kidnaps her and crashes her jet into the ocean, she doesn’t just lay back and take it. She keeps trying to get out of the situation/improve her situation and chances for rescue. At least until she finally starts believing all the craziness he’s spouting (he’s from Atlantis, or rather New Atlantis, she’s his soul mate, and she can shapeshift). Then once she starts accepting that, she falls rather quickly for him, and is willing to trust him to show her how to shapeshift too. What they don’t explain is just how she got the genetics to be able to do it. I wish there’d been more of an explanation about that.

Ari – He was okay, and willing to put his life on the line to convince Samantha he wasn’t there to hurt her.

There was some next sexy moments, and I liked the idea about Atlantis and why no one’s found New Atlantis. It’s just that overall, I feel something was missing. I think it would have sat better if it had been a full-length novel, where it wasn’t just a matter of rushing to the relationship and flying off to Atlantis.

Sadly, for me, this is only a 3-star novella.


Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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