Tory’s Random Ramblings (1/17/14)

OMG, it’s Friday! WOOT! And I’ve got it off from work. The shrimp has no school today (Teacher Planning Day) or Monday (MLK Day), so I’m taking today and hubby’s got Monday (his work actually is closed, whereas I’m having to us a vacation day. Hrmph).

The House

2014-01-15 17.39.22 2014-01-15 17.39.27

We have a roof. An honest to goodness shingled roof! And according to hubby, there’s ductwork been laid inside. I haven’t gone to look but I’m sure there is, and I’ll probably go take pictures. Silly, but that’s me!

Finances seem to be coming together and we’re moving toward what we need for closing, and to get the materials for a fence (#1 priority when we move it is to get that fence up so we can kick the psycho dog outside…and the kids, heh).

On Writing

I’m really…stuck. I know what I need to do with Carved but just can’t get myself moving on it. I’m starting to have ideas for the third story in the series (tentatively titled Stone Cold Magic) and the characters appear interested in playing (Madra and Matthew), but nothing concrete, which is good since I only have a very minimal plot idea for them. Their story is specifically in the series because I need to get some information to the Sentinels.

I feel like I’m in limbo right now. I know I shouldn’t wait for motivation, but I just dunno why I can get myself to actually write. I’ve written about 6700 words this week (not counting blog posts/reviews), and that’s not very much. I’m in the Fast Draft class again but have done nada – though I did finish my revisions to Locked and per my beta partner, it reads much better.

She caught one great typo though and I still giggle about it. In one of the dramatic scenes, Rose can see this mystical force hovering in the air. The line is supposed to read “The blob of energy hovered…” However, I wrote “The blog hovered in mid-air.” Darn those hovering blogs. And, even more amusingly, as I wrote the first example sentence, I wrote blog there as well. I got blogs on the brain it seems.

On Children

Not much going on there. Girls are getting into everything. Shrimp’s doing well behaviorally in school (thank goodness), and academically, so…yay. No pictures this week.

In Conclusion

Wow – don’t really have much to say this week. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

How about you? Got any plans for the weekend?




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