Tory’s Random Ramblings (1/10/14)

This week went by incredibly fast. I’m still not sure how that happened. But, without further ado, let’s leap into things, shall we?

The House

Yup, this is a standing section because I’m just so giddily excited. We have a roof. Not a finished, paneled roof, but it covers the whole house just the same!

2014-01-08 17.42.13Ahhh, I’m enjoying watching the house go up. Terrified we’ll not have the money together when it times to close, buuuut we’ve still got time to work on that. Thankfully.

On Family

The girls are definitely developing an evening routine. Hubby’s been getting home later than usual, which has meant dinner gets cooked a bit later, so we don’t eat as soon as we get home (yes, he cooks and I don’t). The girls walk into the house and promptly ask to color! And then whine about coloring non-stop until we give in (or dinner’s ready). They’re very industrious about their coloring as seen here:

2014-01-08 17.48.38Blondie there is also industrious about her block-building skills. She left all sorts of monuments the other day:

2014-01-07 18.20.24Lest you think I forgot about my son, fear not. I didn’t. He also has a routine. It usually involves games of some sort. However, he’s not quite as fully absorbed in them as the girls are, and notices when I try to take pictures:

2014-01-08 17.48.46On Writing

Blech. That pretty much sums things up on the writing front. As I mentioned last week I’m working on editing Locked ’cause I can. I ripped out about 18k from the heart of it and am currently working on putting back in about 10k. The revisions from the bulk of the book were fairly easy, but man it was hard deciding what to cut. It needed to be done, but I’ll mourn the loss of the scenes I pulled. They weren’t absolutely necessary for the romance plot between Rose and Cal, but more for the series arc, since they did more to introduce Tom’s character (hero for book 2) and involved some world building. Some of it will make it back in. It was just pulled out because I knew heavy revising would be necessary, so I’ll retype it to tweak as I go.

Haven’t made any progress on my alien story, but I’ve been really focused (when I’m writing) on Locked at the moment.

In Conclusion

That’s pretty  much it this week. No excitement on the Tory front. Just life slogging along.

Oh, and I have an awesome husband who cooks and supports me going to the local RWA meetings by turning down a chance to do overtime ’cause he knew it was the RWA meeting this weekend. Yay hubby! Love that man.

Let me know how your life’s going, please!

Talk to you next week!





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