Tory’s Random Ramblings (1/3/14)

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m so glad to see 2014. I stayed up to watch the ball drop and then went right to bed.

Let’s get right on to things.

The House

As you might guess, this is definitely one of my major reasons for being excited about 2014. We’re going to get our house this year. It’s going very quickly. To give you a sense of just how fast it’s coming together (and yes, I know there will be slow periods), here’s what’s happened just in the past week.

Last Friday, I posted this:

2013-12-20 15.32.23 Picture taken 12/27/13.

Saturday, the house looked like this:

2013-12-29 11.35.13 2013-12-29 11.35.18 2013-12-29 11.35.23 2013-12-29 11.35.30

And Wednesday, New Year’s Day, it looked like this:

2014-01-01 10.57.28 2014-01-01 10.57.19 2014-01-01 10.56.34


How’s that for progress, huh? Looking at a closing date sometime at the end of April or early May. Yay!

On Writing

For the first time since finishing it in October, I have started going back and revising Locked in Stone. I am trying to cut about 10k words AND turn it from a very solidly UF book into a paranormal romance so it matches the rest of the books in the series who come down on the romance side of the UF/PNR fence.

I also am going to start writing a little bit each day on my alien series, see if I can get something going, even as I revise Locked and desperately try to shake something loose with Carved.

On Family

I have a family. My Shrimpettes are terrifyingly psycho at times (Shrimpette B being utterly too temper tantrum/meltdown-prone), but they can also be so adorable all I wanna do is snuggle them. I swear that’s why they’ll be allowed to grow up.

Shrimp is still over the moon and deeply involved in his new Skylanders game, though he’ll dig into the iPad at a moment’s notice if I let him.

In Conclusion

So that’s it. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have something more exciting to announce, but who knows if that’ll happen. BUT I do have to say I finally got some affirmation from a fellow author as to the potential in Locked, and given how dark I’ve felt about my writing lately, it came when I needed it most. Sometimes God really knows what he’s doing. Okay, He always knows, I just don’t appreciate what and how he’s doing things.

Have a great week. Hope you’ll share some New Year’s Eve memories in the comments section.



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