Review: Beg Me To Slay

Beg Me To Slay

Author: Lisa Kessler
Publisher: Entangled Publishing/Covet
Date of Publication: December 30, 2013

BegHe’ll slay her demons, but it may cost her heart…

Four years ago Tegan Ashton was attacked. Determined never to be a victim again, she devotes her life to martial arts and self-defense. When her assailant returns to finish what he started, only one person can help her.

Gabe is a private investigator by day and demon slayer by night. After losing loved ones, he vows to defend people from a threat they don’t realize exists.

The relationship is supposed to be strictly business, but fighting demons together stirs up emotions they never expected. Turns out demon slaying is a breeze compared to facing their scarred pasts and even worse – hearts.

My Thoughts:

Cover love! Heh – yeah, I like me a man in leather. Provided he doesn’t have chicken legs (Dwight Yokam, I’m thinking of you…ick). But a beautiful cover does not a great book make in oh-so-many cases. However, that is NOT the case with Beg Me To Slay.

I really liked this book. Tegan definitely has a major issue to deal with, having somehow survived a demon attack four years earlier. She might have been victimized, but she didn’t allow the incident to make her a victim. She used it to make herself stronger, and it shows throughout the book. I liked that she was willing to fight back when given the opportunity, even though she’s scared when the demon who attacked her resurfaces.

Gabe has had a sucky existence as a demon hunter/slayer. The woman he’d been in love with was slaughtered by a demon when he was supposed to be protecting her. He’d been late coming home to see her that night because he’d been out doing his demon-slayer thing and saving another woman and that guilt drives him ever harder, making him very reluctant to feel anything deeper than surface lust for anyone else.

Of course the fates have brought these two together and it was great to see the push/pull relationship bring them close. The only slight fly in the ointment was I think they both overreacted at one point to the emotional scarring they had when Gabe walks away from Tegan. I like Tegan’s reaction though. She sulks, then tries to move on. She doesn’t pull the pathetic, Oh I’ll Never Love Again card; no, she goes out to try to find someone else even though she misses Gabe desperately.

There were some very intriguing villains and Ms. Kessler didn’t hesitate to show that not all demons are evil, but neither are the non-evil demons exactly fluffy bunnies. The writing was solid and the world-building complete.

I hope there will be more books set in this world. I know I’ll certainly eagerly devour them when they come out.

Once again, Entangled Covet brings another awesome book out! Thanks so much, Ms. Kessler!


Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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