Happy New Year!

Hip Hip Hooray! And a question for my readers

Okay, this post was totally supposed to go up first thing this morning, buuuut yeah, I never finished it. So here it is. Happy New Year everyone!

Checking in on 2013 Resolutions:

  1. Write Books 4-6 (or finish the series, if I do it in less than 6 books) of the Dream-Walker War. – Yeah, I ended up abandoning this series altogether.
  2. Become a healthier person (losing a significant amount of weight – no number, just good weight loss) – I actually did do this. I’m somewhere between 20 & 30 pounds lighter than last year at this time.
  3. Become a healthier person (do more exercise regularly) – I did this for a while, and I still walk more now than I did a year ago.
  4. Write at least one or two novellas NOT in the Dream-Walker War series – Did this, except I wrote two novels, not novellas. Only one was fit to put out there, and it’s gone nowhere.

2014 Resolutions

  1. Stay off of antidepressants.
  2. Not give up writing as I’m tempted every day these days to do.
  3. Become a healthier person (losing a significant amount of weight).
  4. Become a healthier person (exercise regularly throughout the entire year).
  5. Write Book 2 in the Hearts of Stone series, even if I don’t think it’s going anywhere.
  6. Write the intro novel/novella for futuristic alien invasion series where the treaty is forged.
  7. Write the first actual book in the invasion series (100 years after intro novel/novella).

So – there they are. Not spectacular, nor really any mention of publishing contracts. I’m not sure I believe in that possibility any more (can you tell, I’m very depressed at the moment?). But at least I keep writing.

How about you? Do you have any resolutions?


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