Tory’s Friday Ramblings (12/27/13)

Last. Friday. Of. 2013.

Holy mother of Lorminstra, I can’t believe the year is just about up! It’s amazing the way time flies when you have kids. At least in the larger sense. Individual days can seem like eternities (thinking of each weekend when the Shrimpettes decide to have meltdowns every 20 minutes, yeesh).

On Family

Christmas was pleasant. Not the biggest, nor the flashiest Christmas ever, but still very nice when it came to gifting. Shrimp got Skylanders Swap Force and is loving it, even though his characters keep dying and apparently in the game, they have to “rest” before coming back, so it’s got limited playability when the boy keeps getting them killed. Heh. Such a great marketing ploy there to get parents to buy more Skylander figurines (look it up – great gaming system).

Shrimpettes got LaLaLoopsy dolls, big Sully (Monster’s U) stuffies that roar, and blocks. Oy, the blocks. I swear, Shrimpette B loves to dump the blocks out just so she can pick them up again.

Hubby got me some nailpolish (a set of 14 colors – heh), a cherry blossom bath and body set, and a travel coffee mug. He did not get me the one thing I actually asked for (hair chalk – don’t judge, I’d share it with the girls). I got him a couple of Hot Wheels cars (an 81 Camaro and a 72 Mustang). He really wants a real Camaro or Challenger, and while it’s been promised we’ll get one in 2015, I felt bad that I couldn’t give him a car this year, so….I gave him cars. He was amused by the joke. Our quest for a good pillow for him continues – I’ve already inherited the one I gave him for Christmas. Some day we will find a good pillow. Just not yet. Sigh.


2013-12-24 22.09.52Santa’s gifts to the family  (on top of the dog crate) 2013-12-25 06.42.31 2013-12-25 06.43.31 2013-12-25 06.45.30 2013-12-25 06.45.49 2013-12-25 06.46.502013-12-25 06.48.26 2013-12-25 06.52.41This is the aftermath. Yeesh.

On Writing

Hrmph. Not much to say here. I’m about to put my gargoyles aside for a while. Carved is just not flowing for me and Locked appears dead as far as agents/publishers go. There are still plenty of publishers I could submit it to, but I’m going to shelve it for now and focus on something else.

I started playing around with a futuristic WIP yesterday. Only about 6 pages in, but the world-building is a bit fun. I’m kind of vague on just how/why the aliens came and took over, but it was likely over resources. The humans barely survived the invasion. It’s…complicated. When isn’t it? But I’ll follow it through and see if anything comes of it. I’ll keep you updated.

On House

We got the foundation! Woot! It’s so purty and shiny now. Hehe. And soon we’ll actually have framing materials on the site and even :;gasp:: set up so we can see the house! Hehehe. Can’t wait.

2013-12-20 15.32.27 2013-12-20 15.32.23

So things are moving along on that front.

In Conclusion

So that’s about it for me this week. I try not to ramble on too long for you. Next week I’ll be doing my annual New Years post (including how I did on resolutions for 2013 and my 2014 resolutions).

Now – anyone have plans for New Years? Any fun things on the horizon? C’mon, someone has to wanna talk?! Pretty please?

Anyway – have a happy and safe weekend and New Years Eve!


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