Tory’s Friday Ramblings (12/20/13) (Beacon #contest update included)

Happy Friday, everyone!


You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Well, they were supposed to pour the foundation a couple days ago, but due to some rain, there was a failed inspection and so thus far, they haven’t gotten the slab poured. However, everything’s in place to do so, as evidenced by these pictures:

2013-12-19 17.31.56 2013-12-19 17.31.37 2013-12-19 17.31.42

I’m totally weird, but utterly psyched to be seeing construction move forward. We have a tentative timeline for the building process now. Frame up at the end of December, frame orientation (whatever that is) end of January, and possible closing end of April. So…YAY! Timelines are good!

On Writing

ARGH! I hate waiting. And yes, I’m waiting to hear something. It keeps getting pushed back on me, but they swore it would be this week. Nada yet, so…yeah. Probably not going to happen this week, but oh well. I’m fairly certain it will be good news, one way or another given I haven’t gotten bad news yet and bad news travels fast, but one never knows. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Yes, deets will be provided once/if I get them.

I did hear on something else though. I’m going to be an intern at Entangled Publishing. I’m really happy about that. I’ve long wanted to see the other side of the publishing process, and now I’ll get a peek at what it’s all about. I got the email when I got up this morning that I’d been accepted. Yaaaay! I’ll be one of four new interns to the phenomenal Candace Havens, publishing diva extraordinaire (she writes and gets published many many books, edits, and has a day job along with a family – and you people thought I was overloaded in all that I do…yeah, Candace so leaves me in the dust).

On Family

Shrimp had his winter awards ceremony for Cub Scouts this week. I finally got him his new Scout uniform (literally put the emblems on less than an hour before the ceremony – yeesh). It was fun, though the Shrimpettes were a handful.

Some pictures for your pleasure:

2013-12-16 18.54.04 2013-12-16 18.54.12 2013-12-16 19.06.47 2013-12-16 18.00.08


He’s just getting so big. My lil’ boy isn’t so little any more. And the girls are goobers. Busy, bouncy, crazy goobers. And all three are all MINE! You can’t have them. Hehe. Yes, I can be fond of them right now – they’re asleep, and thus quiet. Such a rare thing in this house, quiet.

Beacon Contest Update

Yes, I take shameless advantage of my own blog to do stuff like this. I’m not too proud to pimp for my chapter from time to time. We have the winners at long last and they’ve all been notified. This information will be posted shortly on the First Coast Romance Writer’s website shortly as well.

Contemporary Series (Agent Marisa Corvisiero, Editor Christine Brower)
1st – The Ren by Sarah Bailey**
2nd – Finding Home by Bonnie Forsythe**
3rd – Imperfect Gentleman by Natalie Meg Evans*

FFP (Agent Andrea Somberg, Editor Kerri-Leigh Grady)
1st – A Rip in Time by Helen Pilz*
2nd – Blood Pain & Pleasure by Nadine Mutas*
3rd – Sanctuary by J.K. Hover**

Erotic Romance (Agent Beth Miller, Editor Linda Ingmanson)
1st – His Law to Obey by Reagan Phillips**
2nd – Rules for Burning by Chloe Carson**
3rd – Breaking all the Rules by Virginia Paige**
4th – An Altered State of Betrayal by Bonnie Madison

Historical Romance (Agent Laura Bradford, Editor Elizabeth Poteet)
1st – Deal With the Devil by Cindy St. James**
2nd – Fool’s Gold by Cari Davis
3rd – Winds of Fate by Elizabeth Bysiek**

Single Title (Agent Rebecca Strauss, Editor Kate Dresser)
1st – Why Can’t This Be Love? by Lee Kilraine**
2nd – Second Chance in Sweetgrass by Megan Coakley*
3rd – Goodbye to Love by Carla Kempert
4th – The Sweetheart Deal by Allison Morse*

Romantic Suspense (Agent Courtney Miller-Callihan, Editor Allison Lyons)
1st – Worth Running For by Kairee Taylor
2nd – Not Quite Legal by Christina Elle
3rd – Dangerous Dreams by Abbie Roads**

Women’s Fiction (Agent Michelle Grajkowski, Editor Leis Pederson)
1st – One More Breath by Pamela Kopfler**
2nd – Glory Glory the Majorettes are Forty by Linda Bond
3rd – Holding at Love by Judy Fogarty**

Young Adult (Agent Kevan Lyons, Editor Rebecca Kilman)
1st – Macha by Barbara Gerr**
2nd – Silk by Louise Cusack*
3rd – Descent by Kathleen McMahon

* Synopsis Requested
** Full Requested

We’d like to thank our judges at this time as well, most especially the phenomenal Ms. Kilman, who stepped up at the last minute when another judge had to drop out.

Congratulations winners!

In Conclusion

Sorry this post was so long this week, but had a lot of stuff to get out. So – are you guys ready for Christmas? What are you doing for the big day? Talk to me, pretty please?


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