Tory’s Friday Ramblings (12/13/13)

Oh, yikes. Friday the 13th! But that’s okay, because I’m not superstitious. Mostly. Heh. Well, here we are, less than 2 weeks from Christmas. Are you ready for it?

On Christmas

I wasn’t planning on having a tree – I don’t like spending the money (yes, I’m cheap, I admit it), but hubby talked me into it (well, more like he said “we’re getting a tree, stop being a Scrooge” and voila, we have a tree), but I’m awfully glad he did. Hubby set it up in the stand, I wound the lights onto the tree, and then I got the joy of watching the kids decorate it. Jackie in particular was very excited. She would jump up and down, squealing “yay” every time she attached an ornament. Here are some pictures (are you surprised?):

2013-12-07 17.20.00 2013-12-07 17.20.12 2013-12-07 17.20.18













On the House

Construction has continued. I’m almost obsessive about going by the house each day to see any changes that might have occurred. I’ve been good and haven’t gone in two days though. It’s HARD to resist that temptation. I won’t torture you with more pictures of dirt. Once there’s a foundation, now there’s something I’ll share. Heh.

On Health

As you may or may not know, I have a pacemaker. I’ll have had it for 10 years, come January 30, 2014. The past two years have been rough when it comes to that thing. Last May I had to have the battery replaced (not bad, 8.5 years on the battery, considering I was told it would last 3-5 years). Then, after being naughty and not getting it checked for a year, I discovered in June of this year that I was having a nasty arrhythmia (well, a super-high heart rate ongoing – 120+ like 50% of the time). So they had to go in and do a cardiac ablation.

Well, yesterday I had my pacer check-up (I won’t skip a year+ again) and it was a fabulous appointment. Not only do I have approximately 8.5 years before I have to have a new battery installed (thank God, that surgery hurts), but for the first time since I’ve had the pacemaker, I have had no high heart rate incidences since July! I’d been having heart flutters (short bursts of high rates) ever since I got the device. They were annoying, and increasing. But for the first time EVER, they were gone. The ablation did the trick in a BIG way!

And, on a good note when it comes to the heart overall, my lower chamber continues to work without assistance 99.99% of the time, and if only one chamber’s going to work like it’s supposed to, that’s the one you want behaving. The upper needs pacing 75% of the time (I got the pacemaker because my heart rate had dropped into the 30s & 40s), but I’m okay with that.

Yeah, sorry, I’m just so stoked about the results of the testing yesterday I had to share.

On Family

Well, you saw the tree decorating. Shrimp got to tour a fire station on Monday with the Cub Scouts. That was fun for him, boring for me. I had to keep grumbling at him to stop bouncing off the walls, but I got to read a book while wandering around, so not a total loss (I love cell phone reading apps!).

There’s an award ceremony for the Shrimp on Monday, along with the Christmas party and hubby thinks we should all go. He’s a brave man, wanting to face that crowd with the girls. I wouldn’t do it. I suggested he go since he doesn’t go on many of the adventures with the Scouts and I’d stay home with the girls, but he shot that idea down. ::sigh::

In Conclusion

I think I’ve rambled on enough for today. I hope you’re all having a great holiday season. I’m baking up a storm this weekend (Christmas cookies and 3 kinds of fudge) along with going to my RWA chapter’s Christmas Party.

Have a great weekend!



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