Tory’s Friday Ramblings (12/5/13)

Well, h’lo there December. Oh, right, I had a rambling post earlier this week, so I already said hello to December. Never mind.

Given the treasure trove of pictures, letters, and other documents I found from my family, I’m thinking seriously about adding a second weekly post, this one something about history. Post pictures of the documents and whatnot. It’s an idea and something to experiment with.

On Writing

As you can see, I’m making slow (very slow) progress on Carved. I think it’s good though, actually. The characters have undergone a massive personality switch since the first NaNo/Fast Draft draft, and it suits them. I just don’t do depressed women very well apparently. I like the heroine much more now. I also switched the book around a bit. Instead of leaping right into the conflict, I spent 30+ pages setting the stage and letting the reader get to know the hero/heroine. And then I wrote the beginning of the nightmare. Heh. Hopefully this will pick up steam. I’m certainly going to give it my best effort. My goal is to finish this draft by New Year’s Day. I can do it.

I’m still itchy and twitchy because I’m waiting on a response from someone on Locked. It’s absolute torture. Some day…gahhh, I want to have something good to report, not just being out there in Limbo.

The House

Hehe – you didn’t think I’d let this week go by without tormenting you with pictures of the progress, did you? Not when there was again actual progress. Monday, they dumped huge mounds of dirt. Tuesday when I got home, they’d smoothed out the dirt and … put a PORT-A-POTTY in. I swear to God, I’ve never been so excited to see a port-a-potty in my life. It means they really are forging forward.

2013-12-04 House 3 This picture shoes how big the side yard will be.2013-12-04 House 2 2013-12-04 - House1



And of course, here is the thrill-inducing portable bathroom. Heh.


On Family

Shrimp’s second-term progress report came home this week. I’m so very proud of him this week. For what I think is the first time since he started school (I mean going back to kindergarten), he actually got an A in conduct. Given how many blue and yellow notes he got last year, and how many blues in the beginning of this year he got, it’s an absolutely thrilling matter to see him getting better at his behavior.

The Shrimpettes…are still the Shrimpettes. Tragically, I have no adorable pictures this week. Okay, I know, they’re probably adorable mostly to me, but I still like to share my children.

Hubby – he did something to his foot this week. It’s not pleasant and he can’t put weight on his heel at the moment. Poor man. But he got our new dryer installed before it happened, so at least that’s in place and I can actually dry a load of clothes in a single load now. Yay!

In Conclusion

So yeah, it’s been a quiet week around here. That can be good, really. Just … dull sometimes. But dull is good. It’s much better than babies being horribly sick or someone breaking their leg (Shrimp, I’m thinking about you, buster).

Have a great week and please, let me know what you think about my idea of an ongoing post about family history/pictures!


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