Tory’s Random Rambling – Considering the Past (12/2/13)

Early this year (I think it was this year), a church friend of my mother’s sent me a box with hundreds of photographs and little things my mother had kept from our ancestors. As a history major, I was interested and sorted through them at the time, but haven’t managed to do anything with them yet. I want to get them at least somewhat organized, maybe get some of the pictures in photo albums, and whatnot. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Hubby is zeroed in on getting money together for our house (see pictures of the lot from last week’s Friday Random Ramblings). For the most part, the past doesn’t mean much to him. His family’s never really been into keeping stuff. So, he starts going through it in hopes of finding something we might be able to sell. And then stays in there (our bedroom) for like two hours just going through it, thoughts of money largely forgotten because he’s so amazed at what got sent to us.

I joined him off and on for a while, and was completely blown away at what we found. There is a picture from 1850. Yes. 1850. Pre-Civil War.

I found my father’s baby book. Now, for many that’s probably not so amazing. Lots of parents in the 50s & 60s kept them. But keep in mind, my dad was born in 1927. So, the fact that I found it just blows my mind. There’s even a lock of his freakin’ hair! His mom wrote down his height and weight for several months/years. Hehe – I was a bigger baby than Daddy (he was 8lbs at birth, I was 9lbs 10 oz). I also found a photo album for his first few years.

There’s a bunch of loving letters from (I think) my great-grandfather to my great-grandmother.

We found a set of drafting tools (I have an ancestor who designed a bridge in Solano County, CA). There were a couple of membership cards from the Masons in 1904 or 1910. A diploma from 1894. Pre-20th century photographs – dozens, I believe. A pair of lady’s gloves. Baby bootie moccasins. My grandfather’s 1910 senior class year-book (he was president of his class apparently).

There are even some daguerrotype pictures and/or tintype pictures. In almost pristine condition, believe it or not.

There’s just so much that I have no idea how to begin sorting through it, categorizing it. I want to preserve it, but I don’t know how or what to do with it.

Heck, I even found (okay, Hubby found) an envelope with a seal from Nazi Germany. Yes – it has the swastika.

I don’t s’pose any of you have any idea what to do with them, do you? I need a scanner, at the very least, to get some of the letters preserved.


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