Review: Cold Case, Hot Accomplice

Cold Case, Hot Accomplice (Men of Wolf Creek)

Author: Carla Cassidy
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Intrigue
Date of Publication: December 3, 2013


Roxy Marcoli cares about three things—her restaurant, her sisters and her aunt Liz. When Liz disappears, she’s forced to turn to shameless playboy cop Steve Kincaid. Every time the sexy detective turns on the charm, he gets Roxy’s hackles up.

Despite his reputation, Steve is no ladies’ man. His casual flirting hides the pain of an unbearable loss. As they search for clues, he discovers what lies beneath Roxy’s prickly exterior and sharp tongue. His desire grows, and so does his fear. Because it’s not just Aunt Liz the killer wants—but Roxy, too.

My Thoughts:

First, ARGH at the ending. But it’s a good ARGH. Heh.

I adored Roxy in this book. She’s worked so hard to keep her sisters sheltered from their rather sucky mother, and been willing to protect them from all the muck and worries that she’s dealt with as the oldest sister. She’s a successful restaurateur and I love that while she can cook, she can’t bake very well.

Poor Steve, I can only imagine (and did) how much agony he must have been in to have had his son abducted and vanish for 2+ years because of his psycho ex-girlfriend. I liked how Ms. Cassidy portrayed him as still searching, but he’d also made an attempt to move on with his life to some degree even if he never gave up hope of finding his son. Some of the scenes where he was in the boy’s bedroom were truly heart-wrenching.

These two played off each other really well, and I liked the mystery that developed around Aunt Liz’s disappearance. Roxy was a bit stubborn about not giving up the chase, and even wanting to start the chase before Liz had been gone more than a few hours. I can get how Steve was a bit skeptical in the beginning about an actual abduction and how he doubted much would be done…until he got himself sucked into the mystery, with a determination not to let Roxy feel the same unending worry/wonder about her vanished love one, the way he was.

Roxy had a little growing up to do with her tunnel vision when it came to her mother and I was pleased to see she did actually do that in the end. These two truly deserved each other and I was glad when they got together finally.

SPOILER is whited out here because I just have/need to explain my argh from above. If you want to read it, highlight the area. They don’t rescue Liz – she remains kidnapped and we don’t know who the kidnapper is, just that she is alive. AAAACK! I wanna know who dun it and get Liz home safely!

In short – read this book! Heh.


Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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