Tory’s Friday Ramblings (11/22/13)

Holy moly, next week’s Thanksgiving! How is this possible? The year’s just zipping by and I blame the Shrimpettes for that! They just keep me hopping and I don’t have time to sit back and sip the coffee. Oh, wait, yes I do. That’s why I get up at 4:30 in the morning – to drink coffee in peace.

On Work

Yeah, I so got in trouble this week at work. Totally at fault for it, but I got a virus on my computer from listening to Pandora (who knew?). Dragon Lady was … peeved. I’ve never had the Dragon Lady peeved at me before and I not only got a stern talking to, but when she sent the obligatory email around reminding people about the no-social-media policy, I got called out publicly for what I’d done. Yeesh.

So, naturally I wanted to stay out of Dragon Lady’s way yesterday, even to the point of asking my boss “How long should I stay out of sight/hopefully out of mind?” I’m sure Dragon Lady’s still cranky about the situation, but she was joking around a bit with me on the rare occasions she did catch sight of me. My computer’s with the IT guys, so I had to retreat to our firm’s back-up computer (for dumb-asses who have their computers in the shop for one reason or another). And apparently, Dragon Lady found it hilarious that I decided to stay in there during lunch – hey it has a door, I was able to keep the light off, don’t judge – and it got labeled the “Computer Punishment Room”. To the point where Dragon Lady actually put up a sign!

2013-11-21 13.21.59

Of course everyone was laughing their butts off about it. I personally referred to the room as a “time out” room. Hey, I don’t mind being in time out – no one bothers me in time out. Well, at home anyway. At work … I felt a bit on display as several people came by and were giggling over the whole note thing. It probably doesn’t help the whole virus issue thing considering that I’m the “technical liaison” for the IT staff (basically, I’m the first line of defense if someone has computer issues).

Is everyone done laughing at me now? Okay, I’m not done laughing because I found the note really funny and while Dragon Lady might still be annoyed (I cost her money – never a good thing), but she was wise-cracking with me, so I don’t feel like I need to hide under my desk when she walks by.

On Writing

I’m just about done with my few days of letting Carved marinate. I made it through several steps of the Snowflake Method, and got really excited about the story again. OMG – Reny actually has legitimate emotional issues and solid GMC! Tom too! Holy crap. I don’t know if I’ve ever had things so clearly fall in place like that before. I’ve also gotten much clearer about the plotline than I was during the first-draft/fast-draft chaos. So YAY!

On the Shrimp

I did the Cub Scout camp out with the Shrimp last weekend. Okay, I’ll be honest. We were there only for Saturday, didn’t stay overnight either night, but I was recovering from the Cold From Hell. And the boy had tons of fun running around with the other little cub scouts and I had fun too. Primarily sitting in the Sorento, reading on my phone or working on Carved. It was heaven because I had 8+ hours of this quiet and calm. No little girls running in and out, pulling on me, demanding to sit on my lap, nada. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I leap at the chance to take him camping.

Hubby and I are perfect for each other in so many ways, as the camp out proves. He despises camping so much that he would rather stay home, with the holy twin terrors (who keep pulling down the gate meant to keep them from going up the stairs), deal with their meltdowns because he says no, deal with them not wanting to nap, changing poopy diapers, and watching too many baby cartoons … than go and have an entire day (or in normal cases, two full nights and a full day) of pure peace, quiet, and tranquility.

And here are some pictures of the Shrimp at the camp out. He rode a horse and roasted his own hot dog over the fire!

2013-11-16 12.08.33 2013-11-16 17.19.55Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


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