Tory’s Random Ramblings (#nano)

Hehe, sorry, couldn’t resist the chance to post mid-week. I’ll still have my normal Friday post, but for some reason I just feel like having a post on Wednesday too.

On Writing

I won NaNo! YAY! I’ll get my badge in a few days when I can verify my winningness.

I finished the very rough, very in need of rewriting/revising first draft of Carved in Stone Monday night. YAY! Just over 65,000 words, which is fine even though my ultimate goal for the finished product is somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000. I’m currently re-reading it, something I didn’t allow myself to do while actually drafting it (per Fast Draft rules), and there’s some good, but a lot of drek that needs to be cleaned up/deleted/massively tweaked. I knew I was changing the characters’ goals, and motivations and, to some degree even their base personalities, but that’s what the first draft has become for me, a chance to get to know the characters while piecing together an actual structure for the book.

Now the real work begins. I’m going to take a few days to actually snowflake plot the book, and started the process yesterday. It’s weird, I know, to write the book and THEN use the Snowflake process, but I can’t snowflake if I don’t know the characters/basic plot because otherwise…I don’t know what the story’s about and just sitting there, trying to pre-plot just flat out doesn’t work for me. I am a pantser, through and through, even though for second drafts I’m trying to have a plot. My way doesn’t work for everyone, and I know that. I literally write a full second draft, not just revise/tweak the first draft. I sit down and retype the whole blasted thing. I think I’m definitely finding my way of writing a book.

Second best of all, I actually wrote two full books (one of which is revised/edited/being queried/submitted) in under 4 months. I achieved my goal of upping my writing speed and got two books in this year, and fully intend on getting more in next year. YAY! I’ve been so frustrated with only managing one book in a year. Thanks Candace Havens (I did it in part thanks to her Fast Draft class).

Absolutely best of all? I’ve got at least 1 other story-world in the formation stage while I’m working on my Hearts of Stone series, so the idea has time to marinate/grow over a few months until I’m ready to switch gears from my current set of ideas.

On Family

Heh, I finally got the Shrimp on video as he did the Dora dance last night. And of course I’m sharing it with you because he’s such a dweeb. Then again, it also has the girls doing the Dora dance. Hehe. None of them are doing it right, but it’s funny (for me) to watch. Check it out!


I’m in a good mood at the moment, which is awesome ’cause I was dumpy yesterday about some various things. But over all, life is decent!



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