Dual Review: Defiant in the Desert/The Sheikh’s Undoing

Defiant in the Desert &The Sheikh’s Undoing

Author: Sharon Kendrick
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Presents
Date of Publication: November 19, 2013

DefiantDefiant in the Desert 
Only scandal will do 

Sara Williams’s hand in marriage was bought to cover a debt. But she’s determined never to marry anyone!

Diplomat Suleiman Abd al-Aziz must deliver Sara to her desert destiny. But with Sara set on escaping her marriage by seducing him, his iron will is sorely tested!

The Sheikh’s Undoing 
Life in the fast lane! 

Independent Prince Tariq Kadar al Hakam counts on no one. So when a car accident leaves this dynamic sheikh reliant on his sensible PA, Isobel Mulholland, he’s furious!

But with Isobel at his beck and call, could her enchanting touch, in fact, be Tariq’s undoing…?

My Thoughts:

Defiant in the Desert (4 stars)
I actually liked the set up for this book. It’s standard HP stuff, but it also was different in that Suleiman wasn’t a prince (though he was disgustingly wealthy of course), and instead worked for a prince and was bringing the princess home to the actual prince.

Suleiman was definitely a noble man, determined to do what he was supposed to/what was right even though he wanted Sara for himself. There was an interesting resolution to the arranged marriage. I liked how he was so willing to try to live the life Sara wanted to live, even if she didn’t initially appreciate it. Ms. Kendrick certainly crafted a hard childhood for Suleiman, and I liked how it formed the core of who he grew up to be.

Sara – I felt sorry for her, that she was so trapped by the life she had made for herself that she almost lost out on the love of her life. She definitely needed some therapy/help to realize what she was doing to herself when she kept pushing Suleiman away. She was also awesome in that when she left the desert several years before the book started, she didn’t live life as a pampered princess, but rather chose quite deliberately to turn her back on all of it, live as just a plain person, and actually worked hard for what she wanted.

Thankfully, these two worked it all out. Hey, it wouldn’t be a romance if they didn’t, right?

The Sheikh’s Undoing (3 stars)
I didn’t like this story nearly so much as I did the first one of this book. I can’t put my finger on exactly why at this point.

Tariq was a bit of a jerk (what a shocker, I know) in the beginning, very snooty about the size of the home that Isobel brings him to, but he does have some growth over the course of the book.

Isobel – I liked her for the most part. She was a hard worker though a bit of a doormat at times. I mean, c’mon, she hauled herself out of bed in the middle of the night to go tend to her boss when he’s in a car wreck. He pays her salary, but yikes.

Pretty standard fare. I got really tired of hearing about Isobel’s Titian hair though.

I’ll keep reading Ms. Kenrick’s works though. She’s a great author, and HP is a great line, though sometimes repetitive. Amazing how many little bitty countries there are in the Middle East that have sexy sheikhs. Hehe.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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