Tory’s Friday Ramblings (#nano, 11/8/13)

Well, here we are a week into November. For us in the States, it’s 20 days until Thanksgiving. Hard to believe it’s already almost here.

On Writing

Well, if you take a look at my Nano widget to your right, you can see I’m zipping straight through. I started the Fast Draft class on Monday and have been blazing through my WIP, thanks to it. It’s disorienting because one of the rules of the class is that you’re not supposed to go back and re-read anything you’ve written until you finish the draft and I’m used to starting out my writing sessions by going back and re-reading the most recent pages written.

I also ::gasp:: actually started putting together a world bible. As I was working on Carved in Stone (yes, I’m working on the second book in my Hearts of Stone series instead of my new Children of Isis story), I realized I was naming off a lot of people (I had a character who has 14 babies – no, she’s not human…literally not human) and I needed to write the names I knew down so I didn’t accidentally repeat names. I also skimmed back through Locked in Stone to grab all the names out of there. I’ll start filling in details I know about each of the characters and the races, and the vocabulary, over the next few weeks. Just not in any big chunk while I’m blasting out the first draft of Carved.

On Family

Well, we gave in. We put the Shrimpettes back into the same room again. Bedtime had gotten out of control because Twin A had discovered she could get out of her room, while Twin B was behind a baby gate, and Twin A decided it was fun to torment the gated twin. She was also consistently getting up between 3:30 and 5:15 in the monring. Now she’s behind a gate and can’t escape until I’m ready for her to. Unfortunately, since everyone generally sleeps with their doors open, if she wakes up and cries, she wakes up Twin B and the Shrimp ultimately. I just want my quiet time in the morning. Is that too much to ask??

On a really exciting note (for me as a third-party observer), our backdoor neighbors were friends with my mother-in-law when she lived with us. She was treating the wife for infertility. They’d gone through several heartbreaking losses with IVF while my MIL was here. Well, the husband came up to me yesterday while I was taking the dog to the bathroom and said they were going to catch up to us (hubby and I) as far as children in one fell swoop. I stared at him in disbelief. Apparently, his wife is now 10 weeks along (so far further along than she’s ever managed to get in a pregnancy)…with TRIPLETS! OMG, triplets.

I of course immediately offered to give her advice at any point if she wanted information on a multiples pregnancy. He joking said he thought she might need a crane by the end. Hehe – he has no clue that she probably will practically need a crane. Lord knows I had trouble getting off the floor by week 33 (we didn’t have the couch in off the moving truck and I made the mistake of sitting down because I was too tired to stand). They’re hoping to get the children along to 30-32 weeks before she gives birth. I’m so happy for her, but God, triplets. TRIPLETS. Yikes. She’s in for a world of torture, both before and after birth. But, sitting here now at 2 years 7 months or so…it’s worth every minute (though I could do with fewer tantrums, to be honest). I wouldn’t trade any of my kids, even for more sleep.

On Coffee

I like it. That’s all. Hehehe. Just needed a third topic and that was all I had. I usually make it at home, but there’s a convenience store chain around here, Kangaroo. They have the most awesome coffee bar set up. I get hazelnut coffee, add half & half, and then several squirts of this sugar-free chocolate mint flavoring. It’s to DIE for. Yum yum.

Okay, enough babble from me.

Here’s a cute pic, just ’cause I gotta share one each week. This sweet little face is the demon known as Twin A. Hehe. Have a great week everyone!

2013-11-06 06.02.10


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