ARC Review: Adventures in Parenthood

Adventures in Parenthood

Author: Dawn Atkins
Publisher: Harlequin SuperRomance
Date of Publication: November 5, 2013

ParenthoodForget Everest…parenting is a real challenge 

There aren’t many adventures Aubrey Hanson hasn’t tried. But parenthood and domestic duties are definitely not for her. Then her twin nieces are orphaned and suddenly Aubrey needs those skills! There’s one problem—their gorgeous uncle, Dixon Carter. 

Officially, he’s their guardian and he wants Aubrey involved, just not in charge. Unofficially…well, the spark that caused their almost night together still simmers. In fact, it’s threatening to get out of control and disrupt raising the twins. Aubrey and Dixon can’t keep the attraction a secret forever. So they need to figure out how to be together…with kids!

My Thoughts:

My first thought when I saw this title was the 80’s classic, Adventures in Babysitting. So I sort of had the pre-imagined idea that the set-up would be similar, but I didn’t really see any comparisons between the book and the movie. But that’s absolutely fine with me because this was a great book, heart-rending at times, but very smooth and well done without the over-cloyingness that you can get with some of the Harlequin lines.

Aubrey: She has an “every woman can be an adventurer” blog and is on the verge of getting a huge break, an actual sponsor for her adventures which would give her a lot more money, rather than just barely eking out an existence. This blog and her adventuresome nature has led to her being a rather distant aunt from her sister’s children, though she loves them dearly.

Dixon: A very serious man, determined to run the foundation his brother started, which helps disadvantaged souls find jobs and get a better life for themselves. He’s always dealt with the money, and constantly worries about the foundation, as one would be expected. He’s stayed very involved in the childrens’ lives though.

Aubrey and Dixon almost got it on at the wedding of their respective siblings, but pulled back at the last moment, leaving Aubrey with some confused feelings toward Dixon and Dixon a case of unabated lust toward Aubrey.

When they’re both devastated to learn that their respective siblings have been killed while on their first vacation since the twins’ births, they have to come together and find a way to raise their nieces. Dixon, being the serious type and having been with the twins for some time, has no trouble deciding to do it, and in fact believes he is the best one to raise the twins, given Aubrey’s very adventuresome and busy lifestyle. Aubrey is at first relieved, but then a bit hurt when she discovers her own sister had intended Dixon to raise the twins from the very beginning if something happened to them.

Both characters undergo some serious personal growth, and that was a great thing. Aubrey definitely has some major adjustments to make about her lifestyle and learns how to be more balanced. Dixon loosens up a bit. It’s always great when a couple actually moves toward the middle, rather than one side getting all the triumphs and having relatively little change in their life while the partner changes everything for them.

The twins themselves were a fantastic part of this story. You can feel their grief as they try to adjust to the loss of their parents and the sudden appearance of their aunt, who’s always just been an in-and-out figure in their lives. They weren’t caricatures of children, they were individuals with their own ways of dealing with the loss and to adjusting to their new reality.

I’m so glad i got a chance to read this book. Thank you, Harlequin and Ms. Atkins.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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