Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/25/13)

Well, here we are, the last Friday of freakin’ October! Can you believe it? Jeesh, this year’s been crazy fast.

Random Stuff

I got this link to product reviews on Amazon for Haribo’s sugar-free gummy bears. Trust me when I say you want to read this somewhere where people aren’t going to look at you funny. I made the mistake of opening it while in line to get lunch and people looked at my like I was nuts (or asked what the heck I was reading) because I was giggling so much. Let’s leave it at some (a lot of) people had some very, erm, bad reactions to the gummy bears.

On Family

My goodness. The girls are little escape artists it seems and it almost led to a very bad end. Literally. It’s finally cooling down here in Florida and we were able to open up the house for the first time on Thursday. Hubby was at home, making dinner, with the girls playing when things suddenly got quiet. Too quiet. Anyone with toddlers knows silence is never a good thing. So he went to investigate. He goes into the Shrimp’s room and finds the screen pushed out of the window and no sign of the girls. He races outside, praying they haven’t wandered into the street where they could get hit. He finds Twin B chattering up a storm in the side of the yard. He bolts back to the backyard to find Twin A 10 feet out in the little pond back there. Apparently she’d fallen down the little incline and into the pond and decided to explore the pond. ::sigh:: She’s fine, thank God. But we no longer will open up windows (all the windows are at toddler level in our house for some reason) until they’re in bed.

In Conclusion

Sadly, the girls and boy are now up, so I have to run without writing more about life, so…sorry! Blasted twins get up too early every day.

Any of you have great/scary toddler stories to share?


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