Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/18/13)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Let’s see, what have I got to share this week? 

On Contests

Well, the bulk of my work in coordinator the Beacon Contest is done. We announced the finalists this week and I’ve gotten all the entries mailed back to everyone already. ::pant:: Just gotta get the finalist entries out to final-round judges. And wowser, it’s silly since I know agents and editors are people too, but I get all nervous and stuff when I actually email them. I’m such a coward.

On Family

My brother is still a dumbass (I love the big dumbass), but he’s a good man. He was cleaning out his place in preparation to move and last Friday sent me a bunch of stuff left behind from our parents – a bunch of pictures, a lot of my old swim meet pins, etc. And I came across a picture of me at 3. Yes, you get to see it. But you see, I discovered something. We’ve always wondered who the heck Sammie (Twin B) looks like since she looks like no one else in the family (despite what some people seem to think that she looks just like the Shrimp – yeah right), and with the picture, we finally found out. Me!

Me at 3 Sammie

Sammie’s to your left. It’s hard to find a close-up of her given how active she is and how she instantly runs over to me if she sees me with my camera. Hehe.

I’m to your right.

On Writing:

I’m still in limbo. Not getting any bites on Locked, other than the one outstanding that’s killing me ’cause I want it so bad.

I gave Locked to a friend who normally doesn’t read paranormals, and she’s loving it. So yay on that!

I’m currently trying to decide whether I want to go forward with Carved in Stone or shelve it for now and move on to another world that might spark some interest and then come back to the series later. I’ve got an idea for another project, a category-length book intended to be pitched to a specific house/line, using the protector trope, but possibly with the roles reversed, the heroine being a protector.

I realized something. I don’t dislike writing romance. Not at all. What I dislike is writing sex. Granted, anyone who’s followed me for any length of time probably knows my feelings about writing sex scenes. Heh. If I avoid the erotic-romance houses, I should be able to move forward with a romance that has mild/closed-door sex, I should think. I prefer romance with my stories. It’s just really hard to wind in the growing feelings, I guess, sometimes.


Guess that’s it for me this week. So, anyone out there play Final Fantasy 14? It’s an online RPG and awesome. Hehe.


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