ARC Review: Million Dollar Christmas Proposal

Million Dollar Christmas Proposal

Author: Lucy Monroe
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Date of Publication: October 22, 2013

MillionTwo people need the most amazing holiday miracle of all: love.

Enzu is determined to offer his orphaned niece and nephew the family he’d craved but never known, even if he has to pay a few million for a “loving mother.”

Audrey learns of her CEO’s crazy scheme and sees it as an opportunity to provide the high end education her brilliant brother deserves. Besides, she knows you can’t buy love and those orphaned children deserve better than the women Vincenzo Tomasi is going to draw with his multi-million dollar offer.

My Thoughts:

Another short and quick review on a Harlequin Presents novel. It’s hard sometimes to properly review them because they are so formulaic – alpha rich man gets with (usually) sweet woman somewhere in his orbit (either secretary or something). On the other hand, sometimes the formula gets turned around a bit. I have to say, this book definitely did turn things around…a little.

Enzu is a good man, deep down, even if he doesn’t know what to do with his newly inherited niece and nephew when they come into his care after the death of his brother. So, being ridiculously rich, he decides to give them a mother, one who agrees to give up her own life and raise them in a loving home like he never had as a child.

Audrey overhears Enzu’s secretary talking about the situation, and being in a world of hurt for money since she took over raising her younger brother when their parents disowned him for coming out of the closet, decides to present herself as a candidate for the position. She does, however, thoroughly disagree that Enzu could possibly hire a woman (paying several million dollars over the course of the marriage) and guarantee a woman would show his niece and nephew true love. Through a series of dates as they get to know each other and Enzu assesses her viability as a potential mother, he gradually comes to understand what it truly is to have a loving family.

I liked Audrey, loved her even maybe for how strong she had to be. She desperately wanted to take care of her brilliant, gay, high school brother and give him a chance to go to a spectacular college. Her parents are far more asswipish than Enzu, even at his most pompous. She was remarkable, dropping her life some months before the story starts take in her brother after he tries to kill himself.

Enzu – he had a sucky life, no doubt. I was highly amused by how he intended to come up with a good home life for his brother’s children. And he definitely was not uber-high on the asshat list of HP alpha heroes, so kudos to him!

Great book, quick book of course. I swear, HP novels are like pringles for me: I can’t eat (read) just one. Heh. Totally deserving of a 4-star rating!

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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