ARC Review: Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star

Author: Michelle McLean
Publisher: Entangled Publishing/Ever After
Date of Publication: September 30, 2013

WishCeri McKinley never stopped wishing that her ex-fiancé Jason Crickett would come back into her life. But when he finally does, he comes with a request that puts them both—and all of humanity—into jeopardy.

Jason only wants two things: to bury his brother properly and to convince Ceri to trust him again after he jilted her. But when Ceri agrees to help him get his brother back, they end up fighting for their lives as the second zombie uprising threatens them all.

My Thoughts:

Definitely in a zombie-loving mood (without actually loving the zombies, if you get my drift). This book took on a surprising slant for me, but I can’t really go into why without some spoilers in it. I have to say, Ceri’s ex-husband (as opposed to the ex-fiance/hero Jason) took the cake for being an asshole, and definitely got what he deserved.

I really liked the zombie aspect of things, and felt Ms. McLean fairly portrayed what the military would likely do if they’d gotten the zombie threat to the world under control and someone tried to release it again. They would bomb the hell out of anything to keep people safe.

Ceri was absolutely true to who she was. Her past with Jason, the hurt and the love, made perfect sense. I loved her devotion to her daughter, and how determined she was to get to her to protect her from the zombie menace even though it meant risking her own life. Jason was right there with her, step by step, and a warrior in his own right.

The zombies definitely made this one heck of a creepy read. Especially Jason’s brother-turned-zombie and how Ceri’s ex-husband played into making that happen. I don’t see how there could be too many books set in this world, but I absolutely would love to read more books by Ms. McLean.

Thank you Entangled for publishing this and Ms. McLean for writing it!

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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