Friday Ramblings a Day Early. Post 400!

Okay, so it’s not Friday, but I have a post set to post tomorrow and I wanted to be sure to acknowledge my 400th blog post!  Woohoo! I never expected I’d actually keep blogging, and it’s definitely been a growing/learning experience as I figured out what worked for me. Tragically, given I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I have almost no official audience any more. It’s very sad. 😦 But hopefully I’ll get more followers as time goes by.

On Writing

I swear, Locked in Stone, my current WIP, simply just doesn’t want to be finished. On a good note, I’m at 58k or so (see the side-bar for current word count). I also have a distinct idea of where I’m going. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a battle scene and I hate writing those. Almost as much as I dislike writing sex scenes. Happily, Locked doesn’t have any sex. The main two characters do fall for each other, but it’s a mutual respect/love thing, not physical for the most part. I couldn’t/wouldn’t justify having sex when they pretty much just meet and the story takes place over approximately 4 days (so only 6 days after the heroine’s mother was killed).

I wanted to finish this by next Monday, and was on track to do that (averaging close to 6k/day), but I’ve taken 2 days off, so yeah, not gonna happen. Still have hopes of getting this done and possibly submitted by my birthday (October 2). We shall see. Silly to be racing like this, but I’m feeling good about what I have written and have a clear path to the end. It just may not be at 90k like I thought (ahhh, what a silly dream, to think I’d write shorter than 95-100k, hehe).

On Parenting

Oy. That’s pretty much what I have to say on that matter. Sammie has been particularly trying of late. Yes, I know, she frequently is, but last weekend into Monday was REALLY bad. She’d been dropped into the “Demon Spawn Who Will Not Be Named” category, which happens when I’m absolutely fed up with her.  She has temper tantrums that are super bad and so frustrating because I can’t figure out why she’s upset. Oh, I can usually identify the sparking point, but why I can’t get her to calm down, I still don’t know.

Jackie, on the other hand, for the most part, is amenable and quiet. Really quiet.

At least both of them are definitely stringing words into sentences AT LAST! I was getting really worried about that, since they’re almost two and a half now (Sunday marks 2.5 years).

Garrett is happy to be back in Cub Scouts for the year. It’s his only external activity, so I’m happy for him. I just hate going to the meetings. But this year is definitely better than last. He’s a wolf cub now, and they seem to expect/need very little interaction at the meetings. I’m not feeling guilty for holing up with a book while they’re doing scouting stuff like I did last year.

On Housing

We signed a contract back in May to get a house built in the subdivision we live in. The only change in the lot since that time has been the placement of a “sold” sign. Nothing else. Turned out we needed to finish our credit repair course (done through the builder’s home-buyer club) before they’d move on and start building. Well, we are FINALLY moving forward. Our credit (read here my credit) is finally to the point where they’ll accept us. The loan officer is actually mailing us the loan application and list of documentation needed. So, hopefully I’ll be able to start posting pictures soon to show the building progression.

All right. As always, I’ll finish off with a picture or three of uber-cute twins (I don’t get non-posed shots of Garrett very often). Have a great day every one!

2013-09-13 06.24.18 2013-09-13 06.25.46 2013-09-15 15.36.09




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