ARC Review: Eat, Play, Lust

Eat Play Lust

Author: Tawna Fenske
Publisher: Entangled Publishing/Flirt
Date of Publication: August 26, 2013

LustCami Pressman is a yoga instructor with a lifelong secret love of junk food. Not even an irresistible man can replace the mouthwatering wickedness of her favorite foods.

Until, that is, Paul Hammond signs up for her class. He’s a gourmet chef looking to score some fitness tips, and a date with Cami. Suddenly Cami’s lust for junk food isn’t the only thing making her tingle.

When this sinful chef and hot yoga teacher eat, play, and lust together, they just might bring their obsession to a new level.

My Thoughts:

As per the line, this was a super-quick read, and I actually didn’t have a problem with it. Both Paul and Cami came across as fully developed. The one thing I thought was waaay over done was how sensitive Cami was about her appearance. Let’s face it, I’m a big girl, and I will one day not be such a big girl. I fail to see why she’s so humiliated because Paul notices a picture and thinks it’s her sister. Her face will have changed a whole lot if she got a lot of weight off.  But that’s my three cents worth.

Cami has a passion for junk food which she has managed to mostly overcome save for the occasional binge of tater tots. That’s totally to be respected, especially since she’s into yoga and being physically fit now. Paul is a chef, and I adore the way he found a way through to Cami, using her junk-food cravings. Just goes to show you can’t judge a tater tot by its packaging, or something along those lines.

There was some hot and heavy lovin’, but it didn’t come on too fast or too soon. I’m glad things worked out for these two and I haven’t read anything else by Ms. Feske, but that will change, I’m sure.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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