Tory’s Friday Ramblings 8/30/13

And here we are at the end of yet another month in 2013. This year truly is zipping by. Then again, I think I feel that way every year. Yet, unlike my husband, I don’t feel like I’m getting any older. Yes, I know technically I am, but overall, I’m doing pretty well. I’m certainly healthier than I was even a year ago.

The Beacon Contest

The Beacon Contest entry period is winding down and entries are definitely coming in faster now. Tomorrow should be …. interesting, as far as that goes. Yikes. At least then I’ll have a chance to sort through everything, assign entries to judges, etc. and it’ll be out of my hands for a few weeks.

On Writing

Wow. Not much on that front. But, on a good note, I did do the snowflake method, or at least a good portion of it, with Locked in Stone. I certainly cleared up my GMC for both the hero and heroine. I have plenty of internal conflict to go along with the external stuff, whereas before I sat down and did it, I only had external conflict. Now Rose actually has a reason to not want to be attracted to Cal (she blames him for her mother’s death), and Cal has a reason to not want to lust after Rose (he blames himself for her mother’s death and now that he’s found Rose, he thinks lusting after her will only distract him from his duty to protect her). Heh.

Now if I could just motivate myself to actually write the book. I have an entire list of scenes for it, but for some reason I still am locking up when I try to write them. Hopefully once I get past the initial, really different section (their first meeting is being completely retooled), I’ll be able to patch in most of the rest of the scenes that I had, and finally move on through to the end of the book.

I’m still champing at the bit to hear back from the publisher. I hate waiting. Especially when I’m so torn on what I believe they’ll say. Heh. Ah well, such is the life, I guess.

In a frustrating moment, I’ve started having more ideas for the Dream-Walker War series. Chris and Jordan are starting to poke at me and I have to remind them they’ve had their books already. Knowing the sociopath, no matter what I do, he’ll find a way to work his way in. Hrmph. Dumb sociopath.

On Weight Loss

After falling rather spectacularly from the weight-loss wagon, I’m now back on and have gotten rid of 3 of the 4 pounds I gained back, so I’m pleased with that. I really don’t like going for walks in the morning yet. It’s muggy, even if it’s definitely a bit cooler than it was even two weeks ago.


Well, really not much left to say. I don’t exactly have an exciting life these days. Or any days, really. The Shrimpettes are actually starting to put words together into sentences (when you can make out their words, at least). Little things like “No night night” or “go away Mika” (the dog). Unfortunately, around Jackie I really have to watch my language. I can think of two instances recently where I’ve, erm, gone “Damn it” and she pops out with “Damn it!” with a big-ol’ grin as only can Jackie do.

Sam’s being her normal PITA self. I don’t think I’d know what to do with her if she just abruptly became a little angel. She’s stolen Jackie’s original title of Miss Piss and Vinegar and made it her own. Along with Little Miss I Don’t Believe In Sleep.

Okay, later everyone. More reviews to come!


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