ARC Review: True Spies

True Spies

Author: Shana Galen
Publication Date: September 3, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Winslow, an elite spy in Regency England, has managed to keep his identity secret from everyone—including his beloved wife Elinor. But his success Spieswith these covert affairs has taken a toll on their marriage, leaving Elinor to entertain the idea of a secret liaison with a rakish spy. She believes that she will finally have the danger and excitement that her marriage has never afforded her—until things get too dangerous, and she ends up being kidnapped. In this Regency romance, no one is who they seem—not even her own husband.

 My Thoughts:

This is the second book in Ms. Galen’s Lord and Lady Spies series, following Lord and Lady Smythe (which was, in part Mr. and Mrs. Smith, set in the Regency period). When I first started reading, I didn’t make the connection between the title and the Arnold Schwartzenegger/Jamie Lee Curtis movie True Lies, but it didn’t take long before the title and plot clicked. This book definitely pays tribute to the movie, and despite the dopey picture of Winslow (aka Baron in the spy organization), his description definitely reminded me of Arnold. But, never fear, this is not simply Arnold and Jamie set in corsets and breeches. Oh no. This was a delightful romp with tension and excitement.

 Elinor has been married to Winn for 14 years now. They have two daughters and she is considering taking a lover (the appropriately name Rafe Trollope) because she’s tired of feeling ignored and unwanted by her own husband who she has no clue is a wildly successful spy for the Barbican Group. She quickly gets caught up in a current mission.

 I was highly entertained by the appearance of Prinny in this book and how he was portrayed. Talk about a spoiled brat. I swear, he needed to be spanked and taught how to say “thank you” when people help/save him/his life. Unfortunately, he might enjoy the spanking. I’m not sure, and it’s kind of squicky to wonder about that, considering. Sometimes I gotta wonder what the real Prince Regent would think/do differently if he knew how he was going to be portrayed in literature for centuries to come.

I love how the book ends and am wildly curious to know who the other female spy within the group is. I absolutely adore Ms. Galen’s books and this is no exception. She simply can’t write these books fast enough for me!

I highly recommend anyone who likes historicals to check this book out. And yes, just as an aside, if you know the True Lies movie, there is a scene very similar to when Jamie Lee Curtis did her strip tease/dance for Arnold. Fabulously done without just rehashing the same ol’ scene.

Five stars without a qualm!

This book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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