ARC Review: He’s the Man

He’s The Man (Alexanders #3)

Author: M. Malone
Publisher: CrushStar Romance
Date of Publication: August 18, 2013

ManBecause in the Alexander family, if we love you then you’re one of us.

Matt Simmons is over Army doctors poking him. But when his sister won’t stop nagging him to see their old babysitter, now a sought-after physical therapist, he gives in just to get some peace.

Penny is finally putting down roots after a lifetime of moving around. She’s got everything she wants, except the settled suburban life she longs for. All she needs is the perfect guy, which means NO military men.

When Matt realizes that his old babysitter is h-o-t, he’s suddenly seeing the benefits of therapy. But Penny still sees him as the bratty kid she used to babysit.

Suddenly he has a new mission in life…

My Thoughts:

As you know, I read the first book in this series only a few days before I read this one (review found HERE). Sadly, this book didn’t live up to the memory I have of the first book, landing only a 3-star rating from me. I think part of this comes from the fact that there wasn’t the definite overtone of romantic suspense that so pulled me in. This book, for the most part, was a straight contemporary romance with a few moments of suspense at the end, wondering if Matt would come out alive.

But, that said, there was still plenty to like about this. I adore the Alexander family, which has certainly grown since the first book (the second book features Nick and Raina hooking up and getting pregnant). Mara, Matt’s sister, is still having issues with her fiance and Matt’s friend Trent. Ridley and Jackson are still crazy in love.

Penny seems to be a pretty solid heroine, dependable and serious about her career (she’s a physical therapist, which is how she re-meets Matt). I’m a little confused on the age thing, considering she apparently baby sat for him at some point yet there is never any reference to how many years are between them. You would think there would have been at least a momentary thought about “ohh, I’m so much younger/older than her/him” at some point, but other than a brief mention that she babysat Matt, that was it.

Matt is a true hero, injured in the line of duty while serving in the military. His whole life has focused on the armed services and ultimately making it to Special Forces. The injury he sustained puts a serious wrench into those plans and he goes to Penny at Mara’s instigation out of desperation since he’s just about given up hope he’ll ever heal properly.

The two slowly work their way around to each other. Another minor problem I had with this was the very brief time either of them spent on having any concern about the definite crossing of boundaries between doctor/patient as they got together. Even Penny’s boss, who clearly knew and was out to harass Penny (not sexually, just your run-of-the-mill jack-ass boss) at every opportunity basically turned a blind eye to the obvious relationship between them.

Still, I was happy to see them get their happily ever after and to see Matt come to terms with his situation so he could begin to create a new life with Penny. Penny learned to accept she couldn’t control everything (she was a military brat so spent a lot of time being hauled from place to place as a kid, I believe) and to live with a man who put his life in danger on a fairly regular basis.

I will definitely keep reading this series. I’m sure other books are as good as the first. This one just didn’t do it for me.

This book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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