ARC Review: One More Day

One More Day (The Alexanders #1)

Author: M. Malone
Publisher: CrushStar Romance
Date of Publication: June 24, 2013

Day“You’re with the right person when no matter how bad things get, you’d still rather be with them than anywhere else…”

Ridley Wells has no idea what to do with her life now that she’s graduated from college. But when a friend is murdered and her apartment is trashed, she runs to the only person she trusts, her twin sister. No one will think to look for her in the rinky-dink Virginia town of New Haven.

Of course, her luck lands her passed out in the grass in front of resident bad boy, music producer Jackson Alexander. Strike 1! Then she realizes Raina’s out of the country and she has nowhere else to go. Strike 2!

So when the handsome producer with the platinum smile mistakes her for her sister, she gets an idea.

Where better to hide than in plain sight?

My Thoughts:

I didn’t go into reading this book expecting to like it as much as I did. I tend to shy away from books primarily promoted as romance, rather than romantic suspense/paranormal/etc. I’ve never ready anything by M. Malone, but that will definitely change now (I’m currently deep in Book 3 of the Alexanders series). The only reason this was a half-star off was my confusion over Ridley’s race. On the cover, she looks white as can be, yet in the book, she refers to herself and her sister as “women of color”. Raina had trouble breaking into modeling because she wasn’t white enough. Yet in the descriptions when Jackson looks at her, there’s never a reference to any color (not white, not anything), and when they talk about Ridley’s hair, it’s always soft and flowing. So…was she half-white? Or what? I just felt this was a bit confusing.

Now, on to all the absolute goodness about this book. Ridley’s on the run, and while running off to her sister’s was a bit of a boneheaded move, it fits in precisely with Ridley’s personality. She turns to the only family she has when she’s in trouble, and knows her sister will ultimately help her, no matter they’ve recently had a fight. Ridley is very confused, having witnessed her sort-of boyfriend/PI looking for her father die in a car wreck that turns out to not have been an accident.

Jackson is a grief-stricken man, having carried the guilt for his wife’s death for several years. He didn’t kill her, but they argued just before she went off that fateful night, so he’s carried that around. He’s a music producer and former artist/singer. He has two adorable little boys who truly blossom over the course of the book.

I also started to mark this book down a bit because Ridley was lying about who she was and I was afraid the author was going to carry it on for too long and then resolve it miraculously right at the end. Luckily, Ridley ‘fesses up before the 50% mark and they work on things from there.

There was a nice background suspense story what with who’s breaking in, burning Ridley’s apartment, and so forth. I’ll admit I had my suspicions about who the ultimate villain was, but I certainly didn’t see why he was the villain until it was revealed. My bad. Hehe. Well done on that end, Ms. Malone.

The cast of secondary characters (Ridley’s twin, Jackson’s brother and friends) rounded out the story nicely without overwhelming it. You see the gradual introduction of the next hero/heroine (Raina and Nick), but they don’t overwhelm this story, but rather supplement the Ridley/Jackson story while introducing the elements that will play into their own book.

So, overall, a great 4.5-star rating for me. Can’t wait to finish the third book (the second wasn’t available through NetGalley, dang it).

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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