Friday Babble

Well, this is my very first post that’s specifically, solely on Word Press. Kinda nervous about it, but hey, why not? Gotta try new stuff some time, right?

Let’s see, what to talk about? Oh yeah, my post title. It’s because I’m waiting to hear back on the pitch. Yes, I know, publishers do not respond quickly, but that hasn’t stopped me from obsessively stalking my in-box.

I have to say, I absolutely despise waiting for anything. Well, except for Christmas. Waiting for Christmas, wondering what the kids will think of their gifts, plotting what to give the kids, and yes…I’ll be honest…wondering what Hubby got for me, it’s all awesome. Waiting for anything else, not so cool. I mean, c’mon, I was ready to be done being pregnant at my 8-week check-up with the twins. But then again, I’d been puking my guts up for weeks already at that point. Finding out I was pregnant with twins at that appointment was a shocker.

I’m sitting back from writing at the moment, plotting pretty much. I’ve got plot points for the second book in my Hearts of Stone series populating, I’ve got ideas on how to actually get the romance going in the first book of the series, and points in the first two book keep relating themselves to stuff I know has to happen in the third book in the series. This is quite a unique way of writing for me. Normally I write solely one book at a time, with no eye toward the future of the series. (As an aside – doing it the other way kind of leads to writing myself into a bit of a corner as demonstrated by how I left the Dream-Walker War after Book 3).

This time is very different. I got the idea for the three books all at once. It wasn’t just one character that popped into my head, it was all three of the heroines. I also got the names of a couple of their heroes. Now, to be fair, the match-ups have since changed (a lot). Heroine 1 (Rose) was originally Heroine 3 and slated to hook up with Hero 4 (yes, I’ve got an idea already for a book beyond the primary trilogy). Hero 4 (Gabe) was originally supposed to be Hero 1 and hook up with Rory. Yeah, that so didn’t happen, there was absolutely no spark between the two of them. So now my pairs go Rose/Cal (I so didn’t mean to use big names from Titanic, but remember, Rose wasn’t supposed to end up with Cal), Tom/Reny, Lucas/Rory and Gabe/Angela.

I also have a pair of Matthew/Madra, but that’s a novella.

It would probably help if I actually wrote more of this stuff down instead of keeping it stuffed into my head. I really need a world bible. And I need to create it before I get two books in (Dream-Walker War flashback there).

So, how about you, for you writers who read these posts? How do you come up with your plots? A big flash all at once, or do you get ideas piecing together as you go?

For readers – do you ever wonder about an author’s process?

Hope to hear from you!


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