Nail Biting and Life

Well, I did it. I went into my first-ever pitch session on Saturday. It went well. The editor I pitched to actually requested the full, though I don’t have it. They take partials on proposal and so I offered to send her the first three and proposal for the book/series. I actually  submitted my proposal to the publisher today, so now it’s the waiting game. First time in almost a year I’ve been sitting in this particular position and I’m nervous. But, whether or not they accept it (and they may well not – they’re a very good publisher and who knows what’s going to catch someone’s interest), I at least got the experience in pitching.

Yeah. Pitching. Yikes. I wanted to toss my cookies, and I don’t mean the ones I baked for my husband on Sunday. Heh. I stammered and I babbled a bit, but once I got past the initial description of the book and could go into an actual discussion, responding to her specific questions, I got much better.

Let’s see, what else is going on in Tory world? I’m currently debating whether to stay here on Blogger or move over to WordPress (Tory Michaels’ World). WordPress seems very easy and I like the look of it. Blogger’s changed a lot recently and I don’t think I like all of the changes. I sorely miss my Google Reader and barely read any blogs now. I’d lose all my followers here if I move, and I think blogs are on the downward spiral.

What I may do is keep both, for now, exporting my blogger blogs over to WordPress on a regular basis, and hopefully gradually coax people over to WordPress. Not sure how I’ll do that, but hopefully some of you who read and don’t comment, will actually follow me over there.

Hope you’re liking the reviews I do. I’m trying to get more up. Lord knows I read a lot, it’s just a matter of actually forcing myself to sit down and write the reviews. Hehe.

Anyway, hope to hear from you if you check out the WordPress blog! Let me know what you think of it over there.

Have a great night!


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