Yup, I’m alive! And doing reviews now!

Honest, I really am. I’m just in a funk, but it comes and goes. There are going to be some changes on the blog in the upcoming weeks/months. I’m going to try to get back to a once or twice a week chatty post. I’m also going to (drumroll please) be posting reviews! I do reviews under a pen name at a couple of sites (well, down to one now), but I’m going to start posting my own reviews.

No, this is not going to evolve/devolve into a review site. I have no interest in that. But I do like to read and I want to give back to the writing community, so doing reviews off NetGalley (I will consider reviewing if an author cares to email me and ask). I’ve got three already in the works (translation: I’ve read the books and am writing the reviews, but they can’t go up until closer to the September publication date) and I’m constantly perusing the NetGalley books for more.

We took the Shrimpettes and Shrimp to the beach this past weekend.

As you might guess, it’s harder to get Sam (dark hair) to stand still enough to capture. Jackie, on the other hand…Yeah. She’s still my lazy girl, but that’s okay.
I’m going to have a cardiac ablation done next week. Seems my heart’s been misfiring for almost a year now and I didn’t realize it (just been tired, but I’m used to that and it’s easy to blame my insomniac ways), though the pacemaker caught the issue. I found out when I finally had my check-up this week (something hubby nagged me about for months before I gave in and went). Either the procedure will be next week or July 19. I’ll know later today it seems.
Writing’s almost non-existent, but for the first time I’ve actually written down 5 distinct different story ideas. I don’t normally have more than one at a time. I’m still poking at my Hearts of Stone books, though I shifted from what turned out to be book 3 (Rory’s story) to Rose’s story. Interesting dynamics there. I just have a pushy hero from book 3 who keeps trying to take control and collect all the women for himself.
And that’s it for me today. Hope I’ve still got some people out there who read the blog. 🙂
Have a great Thursday everyone!

Fun Times and Down Time

Hi everyone. Yeah, I’m not so good at the blogging any more. Sorry about that, but hope there are a few people who still come by and like hearing from me.

Living in Jacksonville, there’s a lot to do sometimes (and sometimes not). We have the Jacksonville Jaguars for NFL football, a minor-league farm team for the Miami Marlins (the Jacksonville Suns) and then an Arena Football team, the Jacksonville Sharks. The Shrimp, for his final “camp-out” of the year with the Cub Scouts (he’s getting his tiger-cub badge tonight) got to go to a Sharks game and then sleep on the arena floor. This of course meant I had to sleep on the floor too, but that part wasn’t that bad, all things told.

Here are some pictures from the fun times and of my beloved dorky Shrimp.

It was a lot of fun and after the game, we got to get autographs and take pictures of and with some of the Sharks players (I took some pictures of the cheerleaders for my husband – hehe). The big red thing is “Chum”, the Sharks’ mascot. And after the autograph signing, they played Wreck It, Ralph on the Jumbo-Tron screen, which was pretty cool.

 Yup, there are actually several shots of me, believe it or not. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and I feel so much better even if I still have what feels like an infinity more weight to shed before I’m done. It’s slow, but I’m going to get there and I’m doing it without suffering (food-wise).

The exercise is even sort of addicting, I’ve discovered. I don’t know why, but I’m getting to like it. Oh, it still hurts my feet like heck, but I want to go longer, faster, harder. And I’m up to about 3.6 miles now in the morning. Lesson learned though: DON’T WALK 3.5 miles in early June during the middle part (read here hottest part) of the day. Ugh, that was NOT a fun thing. I also had my first experience with sweat-soaked clothes. Wow. Icky. But I felt better for having walked, after I cooled down and got some water in me.

Writing. Um. That’s a hobby I used to do. But in all seriousness, maybe it’ll come back. I think I know part of the reason I was struggling with Rory/Lucas’s story, and that’s that theirs wasn’t supposed to be the first of the three. So, I’m going to take a look at Rory’s sisters and see if Rose will step up to the bat. A plot’s presented itself, and it’s an actual (sort of) plot, not just a “here’s the characters, what do you think they should do” sort of thing.

Add in I’ve got a more solid idea what I’d like to do for the Dream-Walker War Book 4, and things may finally unlock. It’d be nice.

And now, finally, because I want to share the cuteness that are my Shrimpettes, here are the obligatory twin pictures.