Just Stuff

So, how’s everyone doing? I know i haven’t been posting much, but that’s largely because I don’t really have much to say lately that I haven’t said a bajillion times. However, I thought I’d come say some of it again today ’cause I haven’t done that in a bit.

As you might gather from the ticker to your right, I have (once again) decided to start over on my current WIP. It’s not pretty. I have such a PHENOMENAL idea for this book (series, really), and I keep stalling out on it. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong. But I think I’ve got a notion and so I must go back to fix it (I’m working in a third POV character who I think is necessary for the hint of darkness I want to convey). Luckily, some of what I’ve got (hopefully half to 3/4 of it) should carry over with minimal tweaking beyond POV shifts.

Either that or I’m hanging up my writer’s hat. I just dunno. Feel like I should be doing more, but I just have lost my motivation, I guess.

Now the obligatory twin pictures:

Yeah, they’re both monkeys who enjoy climbing up on the table. We gave up on the booster seats and just imported chairs my in-laws left with us. They’re the perfect height and come with sides that block the girls into their seats at dinner.

Sam is STILL Little Miss I Don’t Believe In Sleep and she’s decided getting up at 4:45 in the morning is a good thing. At least on the weekends, I’ve been able to convince her to come sleep with Mommy when she pulls that. At least until 6, when the sun is up, then she’s pretty much decided it’s time for everyone (or at least Mommy) to get up and she will not stop squirming. She’s also the drama queen.

Jackie, as you can tell from that squinch-faced grin, is still my ham. She will now stink-eye on command, as well as pretend to sleep. Hehe. It’s hilarious in the car in the morning (yes, I have no life, I know that, but my toddlers give me some of my best giggles of the day).

Garrett is Garrett (no pictures because he doesn’t do much that’s amusing – just plays video games or stares at the TV…we’re working on forcing him outside more).

And then there’s my weight-loss efforts. I seem to have finally broken through a 20-day stall, and my exercise is increasing nicely. I can now walk 3+ miles in a single pop, though I prefer to break it up into 2 1.65 mile walks. I’m seriously considering entering a 5k that’s taking place in August. I can walk that distance now, but I’m not sure I want to sign up for something that highly encourages fundraising (it’s an American Lung Association walk). My feet hate me. I think I have plantar fascitis and maybe something else going on down there, but I’ll just have to deal with it for now. Don’t want to spend money on the doctor.


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