Writing, Weight Loss and Life

Hey there everyone.

As you may have noticed, my Word-Slingers posts have slowed down. That’s because I’m winding down my time as a blog-tour host. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough views to make it worth the authors’ time, and very rarely do they get any comments, so, I just think it’s best if I withdraw from that.

It does mean I might post more personal stuff again. Since I’m not really promoting my own work any more either (yeah, because the people who come here have already bought my stuff or decided they DON’T want to buy my stuff, and I’d rather not waste my time and yours with constant regurgitation), that leaves me with talking about my family and current projects more. 🙂

On Writing
As you can see from the ticker to your right, my current WIP is still floundering along. I’m past the half-way mark (FINALLY). I’m getting a much better feel for who the characters are and I think that’s going to make the second draft run much better (though it’ll take substantial work to get it into fighting shape). It’s turned into a three-person POV urban fantasy. You’ve got Rory, the (relatively speaking) wide-eyed innocent who’s dragged into a supernatural world she didn’t know existed, Gabe, the loner who’s ignored the supernatural world he knew existed because he didn’t feel he had a part in it, and Lucas, the leader figure of the North American contingent of good guys in said supernatural world.

There are plenty of secondary characters. And no, I haven’t been able to post either snippets or talk about specifics. I’m trying to keep the story idea mostly under wraps because I think it’s a really BIG idea and I’m protecting it. Hehe. Once I get an agent and/or contract, I’ll share more. Because yes, I am planning on trying to go the agent route once more.

On Weight Loss
Yup, it’s still going on! 33 pounds down as of last week, and I suspect I’ll have another 1-2 pounds this week. I got this little device called a Fitbit One (pedometer+) and discovered I’m more active than I thought. Granted, I’m not off running marathons, but I never will. I have no interest in running. Walking is enough for me (for now). I’ve added in climbing stairs. My fitness goal for the month of May is to be able to walk up all eight flights of stairs in the parking garage without stopping. Small, pathetic goal, but great for pushing my cardio. I’m up to about 5 flights in one shot now, and I’m climbing between 10 & 20 flights of stairs a day (when added all up). I’d like to get that number closer to 50 a day, but that’ll take time.

As the saying goes, weight loss and fitness isn’t a sprint, but rather a marathon. Okay, so maybe it’s not an official saying, but it works for me. I really want to make this lifestyle change permanent.

And, for the record, I’m doing it without starving myself. Honest to goodness, I’m eating between 1800 and 2000 calories a day and losing at a really nice pace (1-2 pounds a week).

On Life
Let’s see. Screamin’ Demon Sam is settling down some. We found a way of keeping her in her room until she falls asleep so that battle’s been won. Yay for parenting. Jokin’ Jackie is still as big a ham as ever. I swear, that girl lives to make me laugh. She’ll squinch-face and/or stink-eye me for no reason other than because she knows it’ll make me giggle. And yes, seeing your little toddler give you the stink-eye is HILARIOUS when it’s not because she’s actually pissed at you. And of course, let’s not leave out Garrett, my trouble-maker son. He loves tattling on the girls. Oy. But he’s getting into video games now, so that’s helpful for keeping him from driving us TOTALLY insane. Just partially. Heh.

All right, enough babble for this week. Here’s your twin-pic of the week. Sorry, no Garrett pictures. The boy rarely lets me take a picture of him without a goofy, obviously fake, grin.


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